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Happy stories from Mutts & Moms adoptions.


Hi Mutts & Moms,

I was just browsing the Mutts & Moms website and naturally had to click on “Happy Tales” – and I noticed how sad & mistrustful Louie looked in his adoption photo. Well, no more! I’m sending photographic proof that Louie is indeed a happy dog now. J He’s amazingly good natured, and loves everyone he meets. He’s especially popular with the 5 & under set: when I walk him, little kids will yell “PUPPY!” and run over to pet him, and Louie, bless him, thinks that’s just great, and doesn’t mind toddlers poking at him. His Christmas trip to New Jersey went off without a hitch, and since then he’s been on many adventures – came face to face with a sea lion in Monterey, summited a fifteen-foot boulder in Idyllwild, and leaped headlong into the Colorado River in pursuit of a duck (luckily, we discovered he could swim). His indoor hobbies include cuddling, playing tug-the-towel, knocking all the cushions off the sofa, and trying to sneak onto my bed when he thinks I’m not looking. Incidentally, he is also the only dog I’ve ever met who actually chases his own tail. We’re still working on some of the finer points of training (for example, Louie is certain “heel” does not apply if there is a cat, lizard, or an especially interesting shrub in the vicinity) but he goes into his crate on command, and if he sees me reaching for the treat jar, he plunks his fluffy butt down on the floor in a hurry.

Yes. As you can see, Louie is my favorite topic of conversation, and I have a hard time stopping once I get started. But the whole point of this e-mail originally was just to say hi, tell you that Louie was doing well, and that Mutts & Moms made an excellent choice in rescuing him. He’s such a loving little guy, and I can’t imagine my world without him.

Keep up the good work!!

Best wishes,


Louie was a very sad dog at the shelter. He was horribly matted and covered with fleas (see "before & after" page). He was adopted by his new Mom, Colleen. He now has a forever home where he will be loved an cherished as he should be.

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