Happy Tales

Happy stories from Mutts & Moms adoptions.

Mick and Sara were dumped at the shelter together right before Christmas. We took them both. The were adopted by the wonderful Amrhein family. The picture is of Katie with the dynamic duo, and here is her first email:

"Hi Mutts & Moms! My name is Katie, and my mom, Debbie, and I adopted Mick and Sara from you in February 2004, right before you moved. We wanted to send you a current photo in case you wanted to use it in the Happy Tales. I love your new website through Petfinder. Mick and Sara are doing great. We still have our other two black poodles, who live happily with Mick and Sara. Mick and Sara love their life here. Around 4:30 pm every day, they stand by the door, wagging their tails and waiting for their afternoon walk. Mick continues to be quite active, and he loves being in the center of attention. Sara's highest level of activity is when she first wakes up, where she rolls around on the carpet and races to the door to go outside. When she comes back in, she barks for her breakfast. They have been healthy and happy, and have been such a blessing to our lives. We love them more than anything! The picture is of me, Katie, age 14, holding Mick and Sara, my babies :) Mick and Sara are still best friends, and are always sleeping together. Where you'll find one, you'll find the other. Thanks so much, Katie."

Sara crossed over the rainbow bridge on December 7, 2007. She will be missed by her family and everyone who knew her.

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