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Adoption Application

Thank you for interest in our rescue and for taking the time to complete this adoption application. Please keep in mind that your answers will permit us to more effectively match your needs with a dog in our program.  If you would prefer that we send you this questionnaire via email or through the regular mail, please let us know.

We ask a minimum donation of $250 for any dog 1-6 years old. $100 for dogs over 6. Puppies $250--$375, depending on the age. Occasionally we ask a little more or a little less for a certain dog, depending on our expenses incurred. If you're a senior and would consider a senior GSD we would love to work with you!

We will contact you once your application is approved. This may take about 10-14 days.

Contact Information

ALL FIELDS MUST BE COMPLETED for your application to be considered.

Dog you are applying to adopt 

Your Name 






Best Phone Number To Contact You 

Please include area code.

Your Veterinarian

Please list contact info for the veterinarian that we can call for a reference.

Vet Name 

Vet Phone 

Please include area code.

Names of pets that you have had treated there?  

Please List 3 Personal References

One reference may be a family member not living with you.  Please do not list your vet here.  



Include area code.



Include area code.



Include area code.

Information About Your Home

Ages of applicant(s) and ages and gender of children in household (living with  you, or those who are frequent visitors to your home.)

Which of the following best describes your current residence? (Check one)
Apartment  Condo  Duplex  House  Other
Do you rent or own?  Rent  Own
(Please note:  If you rent/lease your residence a copy of the lease will be requested before the adoption is finalized.)

How long have you lived at this residence?

If you are currently in a rental, please list landlord's name, address and phone number.

Please list age, gender, and type of other animals in the household, even if you do not own them.

Are you willing to allow someone to do a home check? Yes  No

Information About Your  History With Dogs

Have you owned a German Shepherd before?  If you have never owned a GSD 
before, why have you decided on one now? (Please tell us about all dogs you have 
personally owned in the last 7 years, and what happened to them.)

What other breeds have you considered?

Why do you want this pet? (Check all that apply.)
For my family As a gift  For protection  As a companion for another animal

If you have a fenced yard, please describe the fencing material and height.

How will you obedience train your new dog?

Where will the dog spend its time when you are at work?

Where will the dog spend its time while you are at home?

Where EXACTLY will the dog sleep at night?

Is anyone home during the day?  If so, whom?

Would you be willing to housetrain your new dog?

How will the dog be exercised?

How many hours a day would the dog be alone?

Where will the pet be kept during routine absences (grocery store, movies, etc.)?

Matching You With Your New Canine Family Member

If the dog you are applying to adopt is not available to you, would you be interested in another dog?  Please describe the traits you are looking for in your ideal dog.

If so, please indicate which you might accept.  Please check all that would apply:
Male   Female  
Under 5 months   5 months - 18 months   18 months - 4 yrs 5 yrs - 7 yrs
Any Age   Specific Ages Only PLEASE SPECIFY

Would you be willing to consider a dog with minor medical problems? Yes  No

Are you able to adopt a dog that has been neglected or abused and may require more time to adjust?
Yes  No

How much time are you willing to give a dog to adjust to its new environment and family members?

While GSDs are normally very intelligent and loving, what other characteristics are you looking for in your new German Shepherd? Check all that apply.

High Energy 






Moderate Energy 

Low Energy 

Please tell us a little about yourself and why you feel you could provide a good home for one of our rescue dogs.  Please include any other comments you'd like to add for consideration of your application to adopt.

Volunteer Interests

Would you consider volunteering for our organization  Yes  Not At This Time
If yes, which of the following areas interest you?
Foster Care    Fundraising   Home Visits   Transporting   Administrative 

How did you find out about Front Range GSD Rescue?  (Please be as specific as possible - Vet, Shelter, Friend, Newspaper, Internet, Other)

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We will contact you once your application is approved. This may take about 10-14 days.

Submission of an application does not guarantee placement of a dog.

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