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Adoption Application

Thank you for taking the time to complete our adoption application.  Your answers will permit us to more effectively match your needs with a dog in our program.  If you would prefer that we send you this questionnaire via email, please let us know

Contact Information

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Approximate Age(s) Of Applicants(s)

Physical Address

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Information About Your Home

Which of the following best describes your current residence? (Check one)
Own a home  Rent/Lease a home  Live in parent's home 
Apartment or other multiple family dwelling Other Living Situation (please explain)

(Please note:  If you rent/lease your residence a copy of the lease will be requested before the adoption is finalized.)

f you have a yard, is it fenced?  Yes  No
Type and height of fence on each side?

Do you have children?  Yes  No

If Yes, what are their ages?

Information About Your Interest In Animals

What animals currently live in the household? (Please list.  Include the following info for each pet: Type of pet, breed, approximate size and weight, sex/age, spayed or neutered, How long owned?  Kept where?)

Have you owned other pets, not listed above, in the last 5 years?  YES  NO

What happened to the pets you no longer own?  Please be specific.

Have you owned a German Shepherd or similar breed before?  (If yes, please provide a brief history.)

What is it about this German Shepherd Dogs that has generated your interest in the breed? 

What other breeds have you considered?

What influenced your decision to look into acquiring a dog from rescue, as opposed to buying a dog from other sources?


What are the three characteristics you find most appealing about a new German Shepherd?  












other: please explain

(Please list 3 in order of importance, first listed being most important.)

To facilitate the bonding process we recommend every new German Shepherd should attend some introductory obedience training.  Would you be willing to find and attend some formal obedience classes in your area ?
Please elaborate. Yes  No

Do you need this dog for a specific job?

What would be your response if the dog made a mistake?

What amount of time and effort do you want to devote to training him?

What is your definition of disciplining a dog?

What is your initial reaction to the idea of disciplining your dog?

Do you intend to keep the dog primarily indoors or outdoors?  Please elaborate.

Where will the dog sleep at night?

 Information About Your Lifestyle

Have you carefully considered how the dog will fit into your lifestyle? Have you asked yourself if you have the time and energy to properly care for a German Shepherd Dog?  Yes  No

Is your lifestyle such that friends, relatives and children gain admittance to your home, property and car without your supervision? Yes  No

If you have children, are you willing to accept the additional responsibility of a GSD? Yes  No

Are you willing to teach the children the proper way to handle this dog? Yes  No

Are you willing to accept that this dog may not like all your friends or your children's friends?  Yes  No

Are you aware that a German Shepherd Dog may challenge a stranger or someone he doesn't know well? What is your feeling about this and how would you manage this situation?

Do you frequent dog parks? Yes  No

Does everyone in the family want a dog? Yes  No

What is your family's overall reaction to owning a dog?  What members are enthusiastic?  Unenthusiastic?

Have there ever been any complaints about an animal you have owned?

Have you and your family considered that a dog lives for years? Are you willing to accept the commitment for the life of this dog? Yes  No

Have you considered the financial cost of dog ownership?  Are you financially prepared to give your dog the routine medical care it requires as well as any special medical care that he/she may need? Yes  No

Please List 3 Personal References

Do not list your vet here or anyone related to you. Required


Your Veterinarian

Do you have a veterinarian you have used before?  Yes  No

Please list contact info for the vet that has most of your dogs records. If you have used more than one vet you can them all here. List name , city, telephone number and persons name that record is in.

Vet Name
Vet City
Vet Phone Please include area code.

Additional Veterinary References:

How did you find out about GSD Rescue of Central Colorado?  (Please be as specific as possible - Vet, Shelter, Friend, Newspaper, Internet, Other)

Any other comments you'd like to add for consideration of your application to adopt?

We reserve the right to inspect all homes and yards prior to approving any adoption.  Is this okay?
No    Yes

Would you consider volunteering for our organization  Yes  Not At This Time
If yes, which of the following areas interest you?
Foster Care   Phone interviewing   Fundraising   Home Visits
Transporting   Administrative  Telephone calling  Kennel Help

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