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Foster Family Agreement

As you consider becoming a GSR of Central Colorado Foster Family please be aware of the following conditions.  

See the Foster Family Agreement in PDF Format

We need you to provide a good temporary home for either a dog in need of adoption or, in rare cases, a dog whose family is currently unable to care for their pet while recovering from some natural disaster. As a Foster Family/Parent, you will be required to agree to adhere to all the regulations and requirements of GSDRColorado. You will foster the dog for the period of time as determined by the rescue and you. While the dog is in your care, you will follow the guidelines provided by your foster coordinator, socialize the dog to as many sights, sounds, people, and places as possible, reinforce the commands the dog already knows, reinforce good house manners, and report to your foster coordinator any problems or concerns. 

The following are regulations, responsibilities and commitments of our Foster Families: 
* I am aware that the dog I am caring for belongs to either German Shepherd Rescue of Central Colorado or the family that has temporarily surrendered the dog due to personal hardship, 
* I will be financially responsible for food, treats and toys for the dog while s/he is in my home. 
* I will give the dog love and attention. 
* I will foster the dog in my house and depending on age and behavior, the dog will sleep in a crate or on the floor in the bedroom or as discussed/approved by my foster coordinator. 
* The dog will have house training and in-house etiquette consistently reinforced. I will not allow the dog on any furniture, to beg for food, to jump on people at any time, or to mouth people. 
* I will not allow any "rough housing" with the dog, or chasing of the dog. 
* I will only allow the dog to interact/play with other pets under supervision. 
* I will familiarize the dog with people of all ages and varied places and sounds. I will work on confidence in new situations and calm greetings with new people. 
* I will discourage barking unless someone is approaching my house.
* I will feed the dog according to my foster coordinator's specifications, and I will not allow him/her to become overweight. 
* I will regularly groom the foster dog. 
* I will walk the dog regularly on a loose leash and not allow the dog to pull on the leash. 
* I will not allow the dog to be off leash outside unless in a safe, fenced in yard. I also will not tie the dog outside unattended. 
* I will notify my foster coordinator immediately if any injury or illness should occur while the dog is in my care. I will obtain emergency veterinary care for the dog if necessary. 
* Should I decide that I would like to adopt my foster dog I realize that I will be expected to pay the same adoption fee as any other adopter.
* I hold German Shepherd Rescue of Central Colorado harmless for any property damage or personal injury caused by the foster dog while he/she is in my care. 
The information on my application is true and accurate. I have read the above information and agree to these responsibilities and understand them. I also understand that if this agreement is not adhered to, the foster dog may be removed from the premises and placed elsewhere. 
I have read the above agreement completely and understand and agree to it. As of the date of this agreement, the foster assumes responsibility for foster dog's actions and shall hold German Shepherd Rescue of Central Colorado and it's individual members harmless for all claims for personal injury, injury to others, and/or property damage associated with fostered dog.

Foster Home Questionnaire

Thank you for taking the time to complete our foster home questionnaire.  Your answers will permit us to more effectively match your needs with a dog in our program.  If you would prefer that we send you this questionnaire via email, please let us know.

Contact Information

All fields must be completed.

Your Full Name

Physical Address

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Daytime Phone 

Please include area code.

Evening Phone

Include area code.

How many people in your household?   Adults:   Children: 

What ages are your children?

If other children visit your home, what ages are they?

Are you (the applicant) going to be the primary caretaker of the foster dog?  Yes  No

If not, please explain who will be and why:

Have you owned a German Shepherd or other large breed dog before?  Yes  No

Please provide a brief description of your experience and specify what breed(s).

Do you currently own any pets?  Yes  No

Please list ALL current pets:












Have you owned other pets in the last 5 years?  YES  NO

What happened to the pets you no longer own?  Please be specific.

Do you have any preference in the sex of your foster dog?  Male Female  No Preference

Would this be your first time fostering a dog?  Yes  No

Would this be your first time fostering a German Shepherd Dog?  Yes  No

Please list all previous animals you have fostered. (Species, breed, age, gender, temperament): 

Do you have previous experience working with a dog rescue organization?  Yes  No

If yes, with whom?  Please list all affiliations, both past and present.  If you are new to rescue, and have no rescue references available, use two personal references who are not related to you.  Do not use your veterinarian, as that information is required below.

What age range(s) would you prefer to foster?

Less Than 6 Months   6 Months - Young Adult    Adult    Senior    Any Age - Doesn't Matter

Which of the following best describes your current residence? (Check one)
Own a home  Rent/Lease a home  Rent/Lease a town home (multiple family dwelling Other
If you have a yard, is it fenced?  Yes  No
If yes, what material is it made from, how high is it on each side?

Approximately how many hours a day will your foster dog be left alone?
Less Than 4 Hours  4 - 8 Hours  8 - 12 Hours  12 or More Hours

Please list your current veterinarian or one you have used in the past.

Vet Name

Vet Address

Vet Phone

Please include area code.

Length of time used

Would your veterinarian give a RESCUE discount?  Yes  No   Can Find Out

Is there a low-cost/inexpensive spay/neuter clinic in your area?  Yes  No

Are all your pets current on their vaccinations and heartworm preventative?   Yes  No

If no, please explain why.

How did you find out about GSD Rescue of Central Colorado?  (Please be as specific as possible - Vet, Shelter, Friend, Newspaper, Internet, Other)

Any other comments you'd like to add for consideration of your application to foster a dog for our organization?

We reserve the right to inspect all homes and yards prior to approving any foster arrangement.
Is this okay?  No    Yes

Would you consider volunteering for our organization in another capacity? Yes  Not At This Time
If yes, which of the following areas interest you?
Personal interviewing of adoption candidates   Fundraising   Home Visits Transporting
Computer Assistance  Telephone calling  Representing us at an Adoption Event


As a part of the approval process and before placing any dog in your home, you will be asked to agree to certain conditions, such as allowing a rescue agent to visit your home prior to (and after) placement of the dog. German Shepherd Rescue of Central Colorado has the right to remove the dog(s) from your home if we feel you are not properly caring for it, or you are unable to foster the dog for any reason. You are and MUST BE responsible for the dog’s actions while on your property or in your care, and you must keep all dogs under your control/care at ALL times.  Before taking possession of your foster dog, you will be asked to sign the following:

I certify that all information provided within this document is true, and accurate to the best of my ability. I understand and agree to all provisions/conditions in regards to becoming a German Shepherd Rescue of Central Colorado foster home. 

I have accurately completed this questionnaire, have read the above warning and appreciate the risks involved in working with dogs. I understand that German Shepherd Rescue of Central Colorado cannot be responsible for the actions, behavior and/or medical condition of the foster dog(s) which it seeks to rescue and I agree to assume the risks implicit in working with the foster dog(s).

I fully understand and agree to assume all risks involved in any and all duties that I perform in my volunteer capacity and I agree to hold German Shepherd Rescue of Central Colorado harmless for any injury(s) that I might sustain during the course of my volunteer duties. This waiver does include myself, all of my family members, heirs, and descendants forever from seeking any legal action whatsoever against German Shepherd Rescue of Central Colorado or its representatives.

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