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Please Help Amanda
Amanda is a sweet lovable lab that needs eye surgery. Her caretaker noticed her left eye was red and runny. She kept squinting and seemed to be in pain. Amanda went to the vet and he diagnosed her with Entropion. Entropion is the inversion, or rolling inward, of all or part of the edge of an eyelid. This causes the hair-bearing part of the eyelid to come into contact with the outside of the eyeball. It creates friction, irritation and discomfort and can severely damage the eye. Amanda has finished her heartworm treatment and is ready for the eye surgery so she can go to her forever home. The cost of the surgery is estimated to be between $350-400. Please consider donating to help Amanda with her eye surgery.

For more information about Amanda, please email Cindy Bangert.

Please Help Duke
Duke is a 7 year old Labrador retriever who was in a very high kill shelter because his owners no longer wanted him. In a high kill shelter, a healthy dog doesn't have a good chance of getting out alive, but poor Duke had multiple large tumors, making it very unlikely he would ever get out alive.

When Duke was taken to the shelter, a microchip identified an owner on the West Coast. His family had given him away, and that family gave him to someone else. The original owner was not interested in getting Duke out of the high kill shelter.

When the shelter personnel asked the owner who dropped him off about all the tumors on Duke she said she had never noticed them. Duke had large tumors down his right side which was the worst although he has many on his belly and his left side. Many are the size of grapefruit. All are lipomas, simple fatty tumors, which are not cancerous. How could the owner not have seen his tumors unless she never paid any attention to him at all? It is a shame since everyone who meets him remarks on how sweet he is.

Duke is a very calm and sweet boy and loves everyone. He loves other dogs and likes to play with them. He also likes to be with his people as well. He knows his name well and does whatever is asked of him. There is absolutely no reason that Duke found himself homeless.

Since Duke has so many tumors he will have to have two surgeries. His first surgery was Friday, Feb 6, 2015, and cost over $650, so the second will likely be similar. Right now, he looks like a patch work quilt on his right side. In a month he will have the second surgery to take the tumors on his left side and belly. Please consider donating to help with Duke's surgeries.

Hopefully Duke will be much more comfortable without the large tumors he has been living with so long. He will very shortly be looking for a home where he will be a family member and never ignored again. He will be a wonderful dog for someone looking for a new best friend. Please contact Marla for more info or to express interest in adopting Duke, as soon as he is fully recovered.

For more information about Duke, please email Marla Cox.

Labs4rescue at a Glance
Labs4rescue is a volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing a new life for rescued or displaced Labrador Retrievers and Labrador Mixes.
  • All Labs4rescue dogs undergo an initial veterinary screening, treatment as required and then they are placed in loving foster homes for nurturing and further evaluation.
  • Only Labs with socially acceptable behaviors, which can be responsibly placed, will be offered for adoption.
  • All Labs offered for adoption have been vaccinated, spayed/neutered, started on heart worm prevention and have received treatment for any prevailing medical or health conditions.
  • Labs4rescue also offers additional educational materials via brochure, educational events and articles within this web site.
  • Our goal is to promote and advance responsible pet ownership. Labs4rescue is completely staffed by volunteers who have other jobs and families. Please be patient in waiting for a response. However, should your request go unanswered for three days, please resubmit.
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Labs4rescue is Proud to be a Member Organization of
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Independent Charities of America The Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals as a Maddie's Pet Partner
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We Urgently Need Foster Homes
We have a foster program that makes it very easy for you to help us save more labs. Because labs high-kill shelters may only 3-5 days to get adopted, we must pull them from the shelters quickly. Crates and vet expenses are covered by our group. You get to choose the lab you would like to foster and you have first choice in adopting him or her if you just can't bear to see them go! Many fosters though remain fosters because there is a real joy in knowing that you are actively saving lives. Most of our fosters say its a wonderful way to involve the whole family in a worthwhile service project. Please visit our Foster Page for more information.

Adopting a Friend
We receive many questions about our adoption process from potential adopters, most of which can be answered by viewing our Adoption Process Page. To expedite the process, please follow the step-by-step instructions outlined on the Adoption Process Page. Please hurry as your new best friend is waiting for you!

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