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Please Help Us With Goldie's Vet Bills
Goldie Goldie Goldie
Goldie spent the first several years of her life in a home where she was not loved nor cared for. When her family decided she was no longer "needed" or "wanted," they took her out back an shot her several times. Goldie was hit in the face and neck. Goldie is very lucky to be alive and thankfully wandered up to a home with a caring dog lover! The woman who found Goldie contacted Labs4Rescue immediately and we rushed this sweet beauty to the vet's office. Goldie's wounds were serious and she needed constructive surgery on her jaw as well as repairs to her neck. Despite all of the pain Goldie was in, she was excited to finally be in the care of people who love her. We have promised Goldie that she will no longer suffer any pain or mistreatment and that she will have a forever home filled with love and care. Please consider donating to Goldie's medical care so that we can continue to rescue and save dogs who are abused and neglected. Goldie thanks you in advance for your support!

For additional information or to adopt Goldie please email Shana LaPointe at

Please Help Us With Flint's Vet Bills
Flint Flint Flint Flint
Flint is one of the most loving labs you would ever want to meet. He was found in a ditch on the side of the road with two broken legs all alone and needing help. A kind person found him and after a few calls, Labs4Rescue answered the call for help. Flint had surgery on both front legs and recovered. A foster home opened up for him and it's been a bumpy road due to infection but Flint is finally on the mend. However, his expenses still need to be paid. Will you please consider making a donation to Labs4Rescue to help cover his expenses? Your donation will allow us to help dogs like Flint when the call comes in so we can step up to the plate without hesitation due to the wonderful sponsors we have.

For additional information about Flint please email Debra Hope Ginn at

Please Help Us With Diamond's Vet Bills
Diamond Diamond Diamond
Sweet Diamond is 10 years old and she was surrendered because her owner is dying of cancer. Unfortunately Diamond was not well cared for so she came to us with numerous medical problems. Due to her lifetime of poor nutrition, she needed a dental but we had to delay this procedure because she was too anemic. Our vet surmised that she was anemic due to a long-term severe flea infestation. Once we got her healthy, we did a dental and she had numerous teeth extracted (but she still LOVES all food!). She also had to be spayed which was very hard on her because of her age. We now need to start her treatment for heartworms. Our vet also determined that she has laryngeal paralysis and a thyroid condition so she is now on medication. However Diamond is going to be healthier than she has been in years. Diamond is an amazing girl who is totally housetrained, loves to go for walks, sits on request, gets along with all dogs, and loves to be loved! She is calm in the house and she loves to sit close to you as you work or watch TV. But she has a true zest for life and she loves to be outside and she even took herself swimming in our neighbor's pool! This baby has survived terrible neglect but she is worth every penny that we need to spend on her! Please consider helping Diamond get healthy so she can start her new life!

For additional information or to adopt Diamond please email Jennifer Wright at

Please Help Us With Duncan's Vet Bills
Duncan Duncan Duncan
Duncan is currently hospitalized at Tufts University. Duncan is a calm sweet lovable boy who stopped eating and drinking Tuesday. On Wednesday evening he went to the vet and had X-ray's and blood work. They gave him subcutaneous fluids for dehydration and meds to help his nausea. Nothing conclusive was found on the X-ray. So we went home on a bland diet. On Thursday Duncan ate his chicken and rice but didn't drink. On Friday Duncan ate his chicken and rice but again didn't drink. His foster mom gave him broth to drink and he drank a little. Today he was dehydrated again so he went to Tuffs University for more X-ray's, an ultrasound, and blood work. Duncan is currently hospitalized with pancreatitis. Through it all he still gently wags his tail meeting everyone. Even though he is hurting he is a sweet gentle soul. With Duncan's medical bills getting so large we need your help. Please consider donating at the link below. Also please keep Duncan in your thoughts and prayers. We hope to save this boy, but we can't do it without your help.

For additional information or to adopt Duncan please email Marla Cox at

Labs4rescue at a Glance
Labs4rescue is a volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing a new life for rescued or displaced Labrador Retrievers and Labrador Mixes.
  • All Labs4rescue dogs undergo an initial veterinary screening, treatment as required and then they are placed in loving foster homes for nurturing and further evaluation.
  • Only Labs with socially acceptable behaviors, which can be responsibly placed, will be offered for adoption.
  • All Labs offered for adoption have been vaccinated, spayed/neutered, started on heart worm prevention and have received treatment for any prevailing medical or health conditions.
  • Labs4rescue also offers additional educational materials via brochure, educational events and articles within this web site.
  • Our goal is to promote and advance responsible pet ownership. Labs4rescue is completely staffed by volunteers who have other jobs and families. Please be patient in waiting for a response. However, should your request go unanswered for three days, please resubmit.
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We Urgently Need Foster Homes
We have a foster program that makes it very easy for you to help us save more labs. Because labs high-kill shelters may only 3-5 days to get adopted, we must pull them from the shelters quickly. Crates and vet expenses are covered by our group. You get to choose the lab you would like to foster and you have first choice in adopting him or her if you just can't bear to see them go! Many fosters though remain fosters because there is a real joy in knowing that you are actively saving lives. Most of our fosters say its a wonderful way to involve the whole family in a worthwhile service project. Please visit our Foster Page for more information.

Adopting a Friend
We receive many questions about our adoption process from potential adopters, most of which can be answered by viewing our Adoption Process Page. To expedite the process, please follow the step-by-step instructions outlined on the Adoption Process Page. Please hurry as your new best friend is waiting for you!

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