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On July 26th, fire completely destroyed Cathy's Rottie Rescue located in North Stonington CT. Miraculously, there were no injuries to any humans or the 21 dogs and 4 horses residing on the property.

Cathy Leinert, the founder of the rescue, and her husband, Roger, have been saving the lives of abandoned, abused and neglected dogs since 2000. In that time they have saved over 600 lives! The dogs are currently being kenneled comfortably in the horse barn, the horses are out in the pasture and the humans are living in a trailer on the property. But winter is approaching FAST!!! and we must get the kennel rebuilt.

Please join us at the Windjammer, Misquamicut RI on September 17th to raise much needed funds! If you can not attend but would like to make a donation to the rescue, you can donate through PayPal via the Donate button below, or by snail mail at: Cathy's Rottie Rescue, PO Box 295, North Stonington, CT 06359. THANK YOU!!

Please consider helping to support the rescue!
(Cathy's Rottie Rescue & Rehab is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization — All donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law)

Your help is very much appreciated, thank you for "Being a dog hero"!!


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Please click on the image below to donate towards warm, comfy beds for all of our rescue pups! Thank you!

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Please consider helping to support the rescue!
(Cathy's Rottie Rescue & Rehab is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization — All donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law)

Adopting a Friend...
If you are interested in adopting, EMAIL ME WITH THE FOLLOWING PRELIMINARY INFORMATION — family members and ages, other pets, your work schedules, your home type, if you OWN OR RENT, yard, fencing, your EXPERIENCE with dogs and ESPECIALLY WITH ROTTIES, reason for adopting, and any other information to show what a good home you can provide.

I will then email you the adoption application which includes personal and vet references, and we require a home check - we're looking for a safe home, not a fancy one. I would like you to visit the dog 3x, unless we determine otherwise because of distance. (I want my dogs to feel that they are going home with a friend, not a stranger.) Once we have corresponded via email (as I am simply too busy caring for animals all day to stop to answer the phone) we will make arrangements for you to visit – as long as you have provided the info I request and your application meets my standards.

All dogs are up to date on vax, heartworm prev, and spayed/altered. PUPPIES have a MANDATORY FOSTER-NEUTER AGREEMENT if they are not already neutered. (Please note that adoption fee doesn't even begin to cover the actual costs incurred.)


The Plight of Big Black Dogs...

NOTICE: Canine bloat, or gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV), is the number-one cause of death for several large and giant breeds. Click here to download this GDV document and read more!

In Memoriam...

Wolfie In Memory - Dedication for Sasha - In Loving Hands – by Alma Hall

I didnt see the car until it was too late. I dont even know how I got home.

I soon became aware that my injuries were bad, and I waited for my humans to come and help, but no one seemed to notice.

Many days went by, and pain was always by my side. My body did its best to heal, but didnt do it very well. As days went by, and then became weeks, my mind would play tricks on me.

I would dream of things I used to do, like swimming in the pond, or chasing down a squirrel or two. The pain is worse, and I dont know if I can take much more, but dont know what to do.

One day i see some humans coming, and they look at me and smile. I try to wag my tail but it doesnt seem to work so well. I just hope they know how happy i am to see them. They are taking me somewhere, being ever so gentle with me. There are other humans here now, talking and petting me, and I feel so happy.

They give me some good food, and something else i guess, because I start to feel really good, and the pain is almost gone.

Oh my, what a wonderful place this is. A little, short human comes in and I love her right away. She pets me gently, and tells me she will take good care of me. I guess she doesnt know I am not house trained anymore, and that hurts my pride, but she doesnt seem to care. The big human they all call DR. comes in and out a lot to check on me. I hear them saying things about me going to sleep, and i want to tell them that would be fine because i am so free of worry and pain that I am ready.

I look at my little short human, the one I love, and she is crying and I dont know why. They give me something that makes me feel so relaxed, and I start to dream. I hear dogs barking, and I look around and see them on the other side of this beautiful bridge. I run to them as fast as I can, just like I was before. And they all gather around to hear me tell them my story, and how wonderful it was to spend my last hours in the embrace Of Loving Hands. – Alma Hall.

Wolfie We have lost the dog responsible for starting the rescue – my most beloved WOLFIE. He was rescued August 2000. Many of you know him as the long haired male mascot who greeted everyone, often sitting on your feet, and always guarding his most treasured piece of bucket or tennis ball. WOLFIE was PTS on Feb. 26 2010, Black Friday to me. He joins far too many of ours at the Rainbow Bridge.

"When animals enter our life, we are filled with adventure, learning, and love. And upon their leaving, we are lost, devastated. Over time, we stand in awe ofthese remarkable beings. What an honor they give us when they walk a part of their lives with us." – Barbara Janelle.

Kitty PTS August 9, 2010

Kitty was my very first "foster dog" when I ws a volunteer for another Rottie Rescue group many years ago, back in 1998! She was a very difficult dog - you name it, she did it - barked nonstop, counter surfed, got into the trash, stole anything she could find... she could get out of any harness you put her in, went berserk if you touched her nails. One day, when I was cleaning screens, she got out my bedroom window and walked along the edge of the roof. I was down below washing the screen when I heard the "clack clack clack" of her toenails on the roof - I almost had heart failure as she peered over the edge deciding whether or not to jump down with me! She was THE funniest dog I had ever met - she had a personality that was larger than life, and she would make you laugh all the time. Kitty was my "cheerer upper". Another day, we came home to find Kitty had her head stuck in a large plastic bone container - she had eaten all the bones then couldn't get her head out! Luckily there was so many cracks and small holes she could easily breathe, so we all laughed ourselves silly. We have truly hundreds of "Kitty stories". After many months of working with Kitty, a prospective adopter had come forth. Well, I only had 2 dogs at the time and hadn't started the rescue, so I said "no way" was she going anywhere! I had flunked "foster 101". So Kitty spent over 12 years with me making me laugh at her antics. There will never be another dog like her with her sparkling, zesty, feisty, and stubborn personality. All the volunteers and visitors loved her. Kitty, aka "Zena the Warrior Princess" was one of a kind and I miss her so. The house is too quiet without her "buff buff buff".


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Who we are...
Founded by Cathy Leinert in September 2000, dedicated to the rescue and rehab of abandoned, abused, and neglected Rottweilers, with the goal of finding permanent loving homes for the dogs after they have received veterinary care and socialization. Cathy Leinert has devoted her time, energy, love and money to the protection and rehabilitation of Rottweilers. She has over 25 years experience working with and training Rotties – and numerous titles and certifications attesting to her unwavering committement to this magnificent breed. As a private non-profit organization, it is funded almost entirely by her own funds, supplemented by donations and adoption fees. She credits her hardworking, understanding and equally Rottweiler-loving husband for the continued success of the rescue.

The rescue could not operate without the on going, nearly daily support of AMANDA, our long standing dog, horse and house sitter and volunteer for everything, and CINDY M-who has become my most essential right hand admin aid who does everything for fundraising!! You girls are the best!!!!

I also especially grateful to my volunteers CINDY P, who has been a long time supporter of the rescue in so many ways.....and ANITA.....who has been a GODSEND to us, both for the rescue and personally to keep us going..... and PAULA---whose emotional support and financial donations have kept the rescue running!! And of course, SAL and DIANE, who have become dear friends as well as good friends for the rescue!!!! And of course, my very first, very best, child volunteer ALEXA, all grown up and running her own rescue yet still helping us! I could not do it without you very key people......

And a special thank you to TARA, a long time friend in rescue, and new friends JARED and HEATHER and KRISTEN and DENISE. All of you have helped in so many ways and especially, in FOSTERING!

Last but not least, the rescue COULD NOT operate without the help of my best husband, ROGER, who is always my rock. He is as devoted to the Rotties as I am, and his hard work makes it all possible to save these dogs.

I am especially grateful to Lew, who adopted Darby and Luther, for most graciously volunteering his time and expertise in doing ALL computer things for me - including creating this gorgeous website! Hoorah for Lew!! If you need website design, contact him! Thank goodness he loves doing this stuff for me because it is far better than anything I could have ever imagined!

Any dog evaluated and taken into the rescue is assured of a permanent home here! If he/she isn't adopted, we also operate as a Rottweiler sanctuary, on a limited basis. Euthanasia is reserved for aggressive and dangerous dogs only.


Please go to to read and see the videos behind the scenes of these "breeders" from out of state. Everyone who thinks they are buying from a "breeder" out of state should be informed of these practices! I ADOPT ONLY TO THE MOST LOVING AND RESPONSIBLE HOMES WITH THE FINANCIAL ABILITY TO CARE FOR THESE DOGS FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIFE!
Yes, I am VERY fussy but I am the ONLY advocate for these defenseless animals that society has chosen to forget or kill at the pound.

"I expect to pass through life but once. If, therefore, there be any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do for any fellow being, let me do it I shall not pass this way again" – William Penn

Come visit us...
The rescue is located in our private home and appointments are made only after the adoption application and phone calls are completed! We do NOT allow drop in visitors or have "shelter hours". We do NOT do "impulse adoptions"!!

If you are interested in adopting, please take the time to read my webpage and follow the instructions!!

Volunteers are welcomed!

Cathy's Rottie Rescue, Rehab & Sanctuary
P.O. Box 295
North Stonington, CT 06359

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