Kitty Fix

Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic

In Seaford, DE

The April 5 Clinic had been CANCELLED.
Please contact the director at for alternate options.

Pre-registration required!

• Stray Cats
• Low-Income Pet Cats
• Feral Cat Colonies

Pre-Registration is Required
Please contact our Director for an appointment.

$79/female $46/male

Includes Rabies & Distemper shots,

Pain Meds, and Parasite Treatments


Ask about our feral and multiple cat discounts


We accept State of Delaware Spay/Neuter Vouchers


Instructions ( PDF Version)

Our standard prices are $79 / female and $46 / male. This includes the surgery, Rabies & Distemper shots, the pain meds, and parasite treatments, as requested. There are no income requirements for Good Samaritans. We accept residents from VA and MD.

We also accept spay/neuter Vouchers from the State of Delaware, and all the above services are included, but there is a $3 surcharge by the State of DE for all Rabies shots given.

If you want your kitty tested for Feline AIDS or Feline Leukemia (which is contagious in cats), the bloodtest for both of these diseases is $20.

If your cat is in heat, or is pregnant, there will be an extra donation requested, between $5 and $25. If your cat has medical issues and requires anti-biotics, either by injection or by mouth, there will be an extra donation requested, between $3 and $20.

If your cat has had a Rabies vaccination within the last 12 months, you must bring written proof of this with you, in order to either receive a 3-year certificate, or to decline this service.

Payment must be made in the morning, during Registration. As we do not accept checks, you must bring your payment in cash. As we can not make change, you must bring in the exact amount. Any amount over the expected payment will be accepted as a Donation, since we can not make change.


Clinics are held at a church in Seaford, Registration is between 8am and 9am, and pick-up is typically in mid-afternoon. We can be flexible about pick-up scheduling, if you let us know, in advance, about your needs.


All cats must be in a hard plastic carrier, which must be lined with newspaper, or an old towel. One cat to a carrier, please. The carrier serves as their Recovery Room, and they must not be stepping on each other, while so very groggy from anesthesia.

No food after midnight, and no water after 6 or 7 am.


We do not accept any kitties with skin lesions, fever (ears hot to the touch), lethargy (lack of normal activity), wheezing/shortness of breath, or runny/goopy eyes/noses.


Please let me know if you have a work/schedule issue, we may be able to work something out for drop-off & pick-up.


We will vaccinate your kittens to prep them for our No-Kill adoption program for $5 each, starting at 4 weeks of age (according to the national ASPCA protocol), for a series of 3 shots, each 2 weeks apart.


AFTER THEIR SURGERY: Please be aware that your kitty will be under the influence of the anesthesia up until about breakfast the next day, and therefore should be kept contained until that time, for their own safety. ALSO, due to the side-effects of the anesthesia, they will not be able to regulate their body temperature normally until about breakfast the next day. In the winter, even outside cats should be held in a sufficiently warm environment until the effects of the anesthesia have completely worn off, which is the next morning. Please discuss this with us, as we may be able to provide guidance and/or assistance with the overnight holding of ferals in the winter.


11/3/14; 1/27, 3/9, 3/26, 5/26, 6/15/15