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Application for Adoption of Dog or Puppy

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In order for Animal Aid to best match our rescued pets to your family, please fill out the following questionnaire.  

Please answer all questions completely. We are not trying to be intrusive.  We are volunteers doing everything we possibly can to find the best match for each pet and each family.  Thank you for understanding.



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Why have you chosen to adopt a rescue?   

Does everyone in your family want this dog?

How many adults are in your household?

Are there children in the household?

What are their ages?

What other pets are in the household?  

Are they spayed/neutered?

How many hours a day will your pet be left alone?

What type of home are you in?   

Do you rent, or do you own your own home?

If you rent are you allowed to have pets?

Are there any pet restrictions?  

What is the name and phone number to your landlord?  

How long have you lived at this residence?

Do you plan to move in the near future?

What if you had to move and the place you choose didn't allow pets?  

What will you do with your pets if your life circumstances change, i.e., divorce, separation, death in the family, etc.?    

Are you acquainted with a nearby veterinarian?

Veterinarian's name and phone number:    

A Reference name and phone number:    

Do we have your permission to contact your landlord, veterinarian and reference?

Do you have a fenced yard?

Please describe the enclosure:  

Are you willing to install a fence or dog run? 

How long will your dog be left alone outside?

Where will your dog be kept during the day?  

Where will your dog be kept at night?  

What accommodations will you make for your dog if you're away overnight or away on vacation?  

Who will be responsible for your dog's upkeep?  

How will you exercise your dog?    

Are you prepared to make a lifetime commitment to this dog?

Are you prepared to devote extra time and/or training in the beginning?

Until your dog learns the rules of your home, he may urinate or defecate in your home, and may chew household items. How will you handle this?  

Please describe how you will discipline your dog:  

 How will you prevent fleas and ticks?  

How will you prevent Heartworms?  

I would give up my pet if:    

Please add any comments that may help me make a decision.  

 Do you have any objection to a volunteer visiting your home?


Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions, all applications will be reviewed and approved by the board and will require a home visit and reference check before the dog will be permanently placed.

The adoption donation of $100.00-$300.00 includes:

• Vet checkup • Fecal exam • Blood work for Heartworm, Ehrlichia, Lyme test

• Spay or Neuter

• Rabies Vaccine

• Distemper, AdenoVirus 2, Parainfluenza,   ParvoVirus, Corona Virus Vaccines 

• Leptospirosis Vaccine (if old enough) 

• Bordetella Vaccine • Frontline (de-flea/tick) • Microchip (life time implant identification system) 

• Initial grooming (if necessary) 

• Ear mite treatment (if necessary) 

• De-worming

  All rescued pets are adopted with the above complete according to the age and health of the dog/puppy. 

We do the best we can to ensure the puppy or dog’s health. These are rescued pets and we usually know very little about their past. Other procedures are sometimes performed such as tumor removal, bone repair, extensive blood work, X-rays, medical treatment for illnesses or dental work, which will be documented and completed before the adoption.  

Once the puppy or dog is placed in your home you will be responsible for any additional necessary medical expenses. Adoptions are as-is and we will not be held responsible for any vet bills that you may incur after the dog is placed in your home. If for any reason you are not happy with your rescued canine companion, you may return the dog/puppy to us.  

I attest that all answers to the above questions are true to the best of my knowledge.  

By pressing the Submit button I state, “I have read and understand this document, if I am approved to adopt from Animal Aid, Inc. I agree to the above.”  

If you have completed and are satisfied with your application, click "Submit". A new page will open confirming your application has been sent. Please print a copy of the confirmation page for your records.