Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Can I take my animal home the day I adopt? 
     All animals must be sterilized and be up to date on rabies vaccination before going to their new home. If the dog you choose is sterilized and current
    on rabies vaccination, it can go home the day of adoption. If the animal is not sterilized or up to date on the rabies vaccination, we will make an appointment
    with one of our Clay County Vets for the procedure. This may take up to a week depending on the vets work load. The animal will stay at the shelter until
    the appointment date when we will transport it to the vet. The adopter will pick up the animal the afternoon of the appointment and be responsible for the vet

2.   Do you accept credit cards or debit cards?

      Yes, we accept both Credit and Debit cards.

3.    Where are you located?

        Click here for a full map and directions.

4.    Do you adopt to people outside of Clay County?
       Yes, we adopt out to people outside of Clay County. Please keep in mind that your adopted pet will have to be seen by one of our Clay County Vets for sterilization and rabis vaccination as described in question #1.

5.   Does a puppy have to go to Vet since it is too young for sterilization and a rabies shot?
       Yes, it will still need to be taken by CCACAC to a Vet. The Vet will determine the proper date to bring the puppy back for sterilization and a rabies shot. You will need to pre-pay the Vet for this procedure. This pre-pay is non refundable from the Vet.