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Coastal Poodle Rescue is concerned about poodles and poodle mixes! We like all dogs but have focused on the poodle. When you review our main website or this petfinder site you will only see and hear about some of the dogs that pass through our care. Many dogs come in and do not ever get adopted. We can't know when we are called for a dog what the outcome will be. We take in as many dogs as possible given our volunteer base and finances.
If you can help us, please do, we need foster homes, volunteers and funds.
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   Rainbow Bridge Point of Light. Maggie.

Maggie (formerly Breanna) crossed the Rainbow Bridge last night, we miss her terribly. She was 15 and a half, we adopted her at 13 yrs old. We will adjust at some point in time but miss her funny little dance when she wanted to eat and her attack dog presence when strangers came to the door. She would lay in the hallway when Poppy was outside working. When our son Danny came home, she would jump and bark until he gave her some attention, then she rolled on her back for some belly rubbing, she loved her belly rubs. She liked playtime, would run around the house and bring us back toys! Thank you so much for letting us adopt her ... we did love her very much.

Commentary: Here at CPR we all get teary eyed when we hear these stories, so sad to lose them. But this one is extra special because our Breanna was a SENIOR dog, not many people out there are willing to adopt and love a SENIOR dog knowing the pain is already on the horizon. As you read this note from the owners, you can see they loved the dog and the dog was a happy dog and gave much joy to her people in her last years. Breanna was surrendered with a couple other dogs by an owner who was unable to care for the dogs any more. She could not help that, she could only enjoy her life wherever that was. She was not in good shape when she arrived in rescue but responded well to the care given her, so much so that rather than becoming a Permanent Foster she was adoptable!

Lincoln, he loves his people.

You can see in his before picture he was emaciated. No way to cover that up. His foster mom gives these details: Lincoln came to us emaciated, flea ridden, matted and just plain filthy. His age of 9-11 is an estimation by the vets. He looked like he was being starved to death and neglected. You could feel every rib, back bone, and hip bone in his body. The vets tell us he will probably never get his muscles back that he lost. He has severe muscle atrophy all over his body. We are dealing with digestion issues, probably due to lack of nutrition for so long. He gets bouts of diarrhea every week, due to lacking of enzymes. Even with supplements and medicines, Lincoln is still skinny, but he has put on weight and is a very happy boy!!! He loves to play fetch and loves going on long walks and meeting people. He is a very trusting dog and never wants to leave your side.

Lincoln is a Permanent Foster ... he will live happily in his foster home. BUT that means a foster slot is filled and another dog waiting for the same lifeline Lincoln received will not get it. Another precious baby just as sweet and deserving. Can you help us and the poodles and poodles-mixes in Florida by fostering? It is a stark reality we face every day. Update: Nov 2010 WOW! What an improvement....Lincoln is doing great, his tummy issues are stable when he stays on his specific diet and that is job one for foster mom TJ. Lincoln is playful and likes to find his toys(he can't see hardly) and play with them, he will sit with the kids and let them just pet him for as long as they want, he just loves that attention. He has gained weight and happy and doing the best he can be at his age and it does not sound like he is skipping a beat. It is amazing how his personality shines through after what he went through in terms of neglect, now he walks with his head up and eagerly meets the people that shower him with love. Nice job foster family!

   Piper, her devil eyes!

This picture was shot after she was happily chasing a ball and walking around happy. Once you face her, she gets her fur up! You are looking at a 7 lb 10 yr old female poodle. She was an owner surrender to a shelter which sent her to us, in bad shape. She must have lived with someone who loved her at some point but did not necessarily understand what it meant to properly care for her. This is unfortunately common, sometimes it is education, sometimes financial, sometimes the health of the person fails and the family does not know until it is too late. She had Kennel Cough, SEVERE peridontal disease, mature cataracts and pain when petted. That is alot for a little dog to deal with. She recovered nicely from her medical issues over the course of a month but her emotional trauma, not so much.

Piper is a permanent foster due to her episodes of viciousness. She is loving and happy playing and getting belly rubs etc, but out of the blue, boom, the teeth are bared and biting will commence if you don't back off. Prozac has helped some. She also must be separated from the other dogs since with her blindness, she freaks when they go bump in passing. Coastal Poodle Rescue will care for this little dog until her natural life ends, she will not be adopted, she has a nice foster home to live in. Donations and foster homes make it possible to give this little life the best life possible, not knowing what transpired in her past that pushed her over the edge. Many kudos go out to the fosters who are willing to care for difficult dogs. Update Nov 2010: Piper loves to walk on her leash, she just goes and goes. Piper had to drag her leash around quite a bit at first as she would not let her foster mom put it on/off without attacking. Now that is a breeze. Grooming, still an issue but improvements are made each time. The latest note "...when I got home from work today, I took Piper out, we went across the street, she did her business, then I bent down & she laid on her back & I petted her tummy, talking sweetly to her - didn't want to push my luck, then she went for my face & licked it all over. CRAZY! We ran up the driveway & she went for my car, thinking it was "toy" day, jumping at the trunk. Clapped my hands & she ran to the front door. Her special treat - Cheerios."

Foster families are amazing...without them the dogs we rescue would most likely be put down after not being adopted from whatever shelter they were in. Life is very precious.

   Perfect Fit, Martini and me.

After losing my poodle it took about a year before I started looking. I found Coastal Poodle Rescue and started scrolling through the pictures. Then I saw him, Martini! He was the man of my dreams, his eye were looking right at me, my hear melted. I began a frantic campaign to adopt him before someone else could do so. I emailed and I called and I filled out my application as fast as I could. I was assured Martini was still available and the process began of approving me for adoption.

What a joy he is. He travels with me, sleeps and plays with me. Words cannot explain what he has meant to me. He is great with the grandchildren, children and other dogs and cats. When I was adopting him, I was informed of all his medical issues, so there was so surprises. Martini is blind, has a prolapsed trachea, significant heart murmur, both knees are blown and can hardly hear. His sniffer works overtime for him! He smells dinner before the decision on what to eat! He walks slowly so when he bumps into things, he does not hurt himself. He is the apple of my eye, we are great together. ....... I am now a volunter and I am currently fostering a little girl and I am teetering on an F on this one, I am thinking about adopting her, she has had a hard time of it, young but w/ several medical issues that are in the process of being fixed.

   Rainbow Bridge Point of Light. Teddy.

I adopted Teddy in 2005. He was our companion and traveled with us in our motor home to many places, even to other states and was more a family member than a pet.

Teddy is now in heaven. This is not the first time that I have to go through something like this. But it was the most painful. Every morning when I prepare breakfast, I tend to look for Teddy's dish and his medicines. I still cannot accept that he is no longer with us.

And when my youngest grandson, who is 3 years old comes to the house and goes to the place where Teddy's bed used to be, he signals to the ceiling and tells me that "doggie is in the sky now", because that is what his brothers told him. We miss him terribly and want to adopt again. Thank You for Teddy.

   Electra's Story. Oh Boy!

Her owner and then foster mom tells the story. Electra was a breeder living in deplorable conditions when she was rescued. She was and still is fearful of humans. I became acquainted with her while helping Coastal Poodle Rescue as she waited to hear what her future held. She was crouched in a corner, scared and shivering, despite the heat, in a very large cage. I had started to bond with another rescue called Emma who it was determined was a fear biter, I had already decided to adopt her. I put them in a cage together for company and to this day they are inseparable.

The day came that it was determined that they would both go into rescue and be fostered. Foster care was a challenge and with lots of love and patience both were ready to be adopted. BUT not quite. I adopted Emma and not realizing just how much Emma and Electra had bonded, Electra was tried in one home and was almost immediately returned. She would not eat or drink and would hide behind anything. She came back into foster care. So it was almost back to square one. Another 5 months went by and it was determined to give it another try. She deserved a good home. It was with great reluctance that I let Electra be adopted again. The new owner knew that she was a runner and was not socialized, but the new Mom was determined that it would work. A month went by, I was not able to contact her to check to see how Electra was doing. I was worried, but by that time I had other fosters and new problems. One day at the end of October I got an email. Please call me I have a problem! Electra had disappeared a few days before. The new owner was visiting family and Electra had no collar or leash on her, just a black bandana, when they got out of the car. Electra just took off.

After helping the new owner for 2 weeks look for her, she decided that she had had enough, pulled all her signs and got herself another dog. That left me to follow up on any leads or to just spend my weekends with Emma in tow combing the last areas that she may have been seen. Alligators, wild pigs, rattle snakes, freezing weather, rain and swamp would not keep me from searching. I just couldn't imagine her fate.

One day after Christmas I got a call from the President of Coastal Poodle Rescue. Some angels on horseback had startled a little black dog from her sleeping place and through a series of coincidences were able to contact Coastal Poodle Rescue. I immediately called and met them the next day to show me where this dog had been. Could it have been Electra after all this time?     I set a trap.    It took 3 weeks, lots of canned dog food and trips back and forth. Many disappointments, an 85 mile round trip in the car and a mile into the woods each time, but I was rewarded with a little black bundle. I could not believe my eyes. It was Electra. I had not seen her since she was adopted in August and this was the end of January.

There are days that I just look at her and wonder at her will to live and her survival instincts. She had over 200 ticks on her and had lost 50% of her body weight and had a case of round worms. These days it is a warm patch of sun, playing catch the lizard with Emma and long walks. She has a fenced in yard and plenty of room to run, but her favorite place is home on the couch, safe and secure.

Yes, I did adopt her and she will never leave me again!

Rainbow Bridge Points of Light. Peaches and Susie.

I moved. It was a long trek, and we finally got settled in. I didn't have any furniture because I sold it with the last home. So I sat down on my kitchen floor with my computer in my lap, and looked for a dog. We had purchased a big house with 5 acres and wanted a dog to run and play with the deer I was seeing outside our door every morning. I found Coastal Poodle Rescue. I wrote an email and they responded and then they sent a girl from Jacksonville to look me and the place over and show me a dog I had requested.

Her name was Peaches, but when the girl came she had another poodle also who was blind and deaf and had also had a bad start in life. So I took them both.

Peaches was a happy girl, all you had to do was call her name and pet her and she was thrilled and would prance around the house and wag her tail like a banchee. It didn't take her long to fit right in and know where her food bowl and water was, and since she had been food deprived we did free feed. Their bowls were never empty. Peaches is always begging when daddy is eating so we keep boiled chicken around for little treats. Peaches is the white one with the tongue that hangs out. Isn't she the cutest thing!

Susie is the white one that is small and is laying under an afghan. She loved to lay on the top of the sofa in her afghan. She seemed to be always cold so I made her that afghan.

After 5 years they all have such a wonderful life. They both went to the Rainbow Bridge, but we gave them I know the best 5 years of their little lives and that is 35 years in people years. They were happy and loved and warm and well fed everyday.

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