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2010 Reunion Picnic

Coastal Poodle Rescue put the call out to the adopters, supporters and volunteers that have been involved with CPR during the past six years. We turned six in March! We have adopted out over 1000 dogs, we have rescued almost 1200, that is no small task. It takes a great group of volunteers (no paid staff!) and community members all working together for a common cause. We would like to thank: Our Donors, Our Adopters, Our Fosters, Our Volunteers, Our Area Coordinators and the communities we are able to work in and get the word out about rescue. Thank You.

We gathered together 84 dogs and 106 humans and the time flew by....we had an indoor picnic at K9Kampus in Melbourne, it was great to see all the dogs and visit (if ever so shortly) with the people we have crossed paths with these six years. Everyone wants to do it next year so mark your calendars for the end of July 2011, you won't want to miss it!

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Coastal Poodle Rescue:
  • is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation
  • is an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff
  • receives no funding from any government entity or animal charity
  • relies solely on private donations and fundraising events

The food was delish! Thanks Jean, Richard and Donna for serving! Thanks to Dana for making the doggie treats!
Thank You to Business Contributors:
  • A Floral Affair, Merritt Island
  • A Picture Perfect Pet, Rockledge
  • Animal Clinic, Merritt Island
  • Blank Canvas Decorating
  • Brevard County Dog Training Club, Merritt Island
  • El Chico's, Melbourne
Southern County Attendees:
Northern County Attendees:
Central & Western County Attendees:
Thank You to Business contributors:
  • Haute Dawgs Salon & Spa, Merritt Island
  • Island Animal Hospital, Merritt Island
  • Merritt Square Mall, Merritt Island
  • Pet Supermarket, Merritt Island
  • Sinatra's Flowers & Design Center, Merritt Island
  • Target, Merritt Island
Brevard County Attendees:

It was a nice event and we were glad to be able to make it there for the last hour on our way back form Tampa. We've never seen so many poodles--especially standards--in one place, and Sophie and Louie were very interested. -- Court
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Thank You to Individual contributors:
  • Chris Brown
  • Chris Davignon
  • Jean Katsaros
  • Linda Killian
  • Harriet Prine
  • Corina Savela
  • Janet Thompson
  • Judy Elliott
k9kampus did a great job supporting this event. Thanks.
Jerry was working hard helping with parking:
Registration: David, Peggy, Mike (Wendy and Buffy greeted folks cheerily!)
Reunited, sister and brother from the same puppymill litter:
... there were so many there and it was all so exciting! I thoroughly enjoyed the entire day and it was worth it to have to get up early on a Saturday morning to be able to attend the event. My dogs slept the entire way home, ate their dinner and went right to their crate to sleep some more so I know they had a wonderful time too. Thank you all for such a wonderful day and for doing so much for CPR! -- Jan
Big Dog Area:
Just wanted to say thanks for the terrific time Wendy and I had Saturday. She went home and sleep the rest of the day. She was just worn out. Thanks for all of the nice comments, Peg I will cherish that picture of Corina, Wendy and myself. Without Corina I don't think Wendy would be here.Thanks Corina, what you do for these dogs is very special. If there is anything I can help with please let me know. Thanks again everyone for my best friend Wendy. Thanks -- MikeMore Big Dog Area:
Small Dog Area:

More Small Dog Area:

... My fosters: Little Scarlett absolutely loved it, Suzette was ready to leave any time. I loved being with the dogs indoors so I could relax, not worry about bugs (and rain) and there was plenty of room for everyone. I had to run after Jan to meet her and she was in the small dog area with me the whole time, I just hadn't gotten to her yet, tried to talk to everyone. Loved, loved, loved the dog treats. Food was great too. I felt it was a great success and enjoyed it immensely. Everyone who set up and took down did a great job. Thanks to all who made it possible, I can't wait for the next one. -- Foster Mom, Amy
THANK YOU, and the other volunteers for all that YOU do! I look at my mother in law's poodle that she adopted last year after her husband died, and know that he saved her. And CPR saved HIM! With heartworms he didn't have a prayer at the shelter, but today here he is, happy and healthy. I already have a full house so I am not able to foster, but look forward to lending a hand (or paw) with any special events or projects that my schedule will allow. Please keep my email address close at hand for that occasional person you might need. Yesterday was wonderful-we had a blast! And Sparky will not get out of his new bed that I won in the raffle. :) Keep up the good work! --MelanieA big thank you to all of you who volunteer and do such good work. My neighbor and I had a 4 hour round trip drive to bring Robbie, but we both agreed we'd do it again today - we also agreed that if we had the chance we would tell all of you not to change a thing - very enjoyable day for 2 and 4 legged folks (and one 3 legged one). --Joyce, Sarah, Robbie
Great Job with this!! Thanks so much for inviting us. We had a great time. --James
Thank you to all the Volunteers that helped with the reunion picnic. Zoe & I had a great time. --Beverly
We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the reunion on Saturday and were sorry that we had to leave so early. Next time, I will arrange my schedule so that we will be able to stay and not miss a thing. --Mary
What a GREAT reunion!!! We had a wonderful time and it was heart-warming to see so many of our poodle babies being so loved and well-cared for. I can't thank Coastal enough for my two babies, April and Joey. They are the best dogs ever and I can't imagine not having them in our lives. They are a little spoiled! --Joyce, Don
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Regrets but well wishes!
  • Unfortunately, we won't be in Florida on that date, and we are so happy for those who can attend. ( We're in Pennsylvania until December.) What a wonderful idea the reunion is, and we wish that we could be there. Not a day goes by that we don't think of CPR with such gratitude for our little Bichon, (now ) named "Annie." We adopted her about three and a half years ago and she's now nearly eight years old. She is one of the loves of our lives, and we'll always be grateful for the work of Coastal Poodle Rescue association. With their assistance, we were able to have this precious little dog in our lives.
  • Thank you for your nice invitation, but we will not be able to attend your reunion and picnic tomorrow. I'm sure it will be a lot of fun. We love our schnoodle dog, Jazzbo, which we adopted from you! He is probably the nicest dog we have ever owned. Thank you so much for your wonderful organization! -- Eileen, Dan
  • I am sorry, but we will not be in town at that time. Otherwise we would be happy to attend! However, Scuffy is doing well and is at home with us, and we are tickled to have him! THANKS! --Ed
  • MANY THANKS for all your support of Coastal Poodle Rescue. What a great idea! I never even knew there was such an air-conditioned place! We will not be attending, as we will be traveling in the cool North at the time. PS: Our little "Angel" is the best dog we have ever rescued---one smart puppy! --Bonnie
  • It sounds like fun. I hope I can attend but it is a long way from where I live. I have had Sid for over a year now. He is a perfect little dog and brings me much pleasure. --Sharon
  • I received your email about the gathering on July 31, and I will be out of > town, but wanted to share with you my favorite picture of Benji, aka > Willis. He's such a sweetheart, still not crazy about haircuts but > definitely struts around afterwards! --Karen
  • So good to hear from you! Congratulations on six years of rescuing dogs and finding them homes. While Mom and I will not be able to attend the celebration, we hope that it is a big success. Little Henry continues to be the perfect dog for us. He never leaves Mom's side, and makes her laugh every day. She loves him so much. I'm sending you a picture of him. Looks like it was right before he was due to go to the groomers! He acts as though he's a puppy, occasionally tearing around and running here and there. He's just so cute. --Ginger
  • I will not be able to attend the reunion but please keep me on your mailing list. We love our adopted dog Odie, we will have had him 2 years next month. He's the best dog ever! --Patti
  • Thank you for the invite but we with not be able to make the reunion. It sounds like a fun time for all. Attached are a few pcitures of our Buster (formerly knows as Socks) that we adopted several years ago now. As you can tell from the pictures, he is really apart of the family. :) --Lynise
  • So sorry I can't make it but, unfortunately, I will have to work on that day. Although I have never been to a reunion I can imagine how wonderful an occasion it must be for all! Derby is doing great and is a happy addition to our family. Thanks for saving his life and that of so many other unfortunate dogs. Congratulations and God bless you all for all you do! --Bernice
  • I will not be able to attend the picnic, but keep me on the email list. We thoroughly enjoy our rescue poodle Daisy (formerly Miss Diamond) whom we have had a little over a year and has blossomed into an affectionate, playful girl who loves to have fun. She brings a lot of joy into our lives. Thanks for the invitation. This is a great idea. --Geralyn
  • I wish we could come but we will be out of state. We adopted Sweet Pea, we changed her name to Gigi a little over a year ago and she is the most wonderful dog ever! We are so thankful that you rescued her and allowed us to adopt her. --MaryAnn
  • Thanks so much for the invitation. We are happy campers with our new adopted furbaby, Miss Dixie and she is a wonderful addition to our family :)! Unfortunately, we will miss the reunion as we will be in Maine. Please keep us posted if another reunion is planned. We would love to remain a part of Coastal Poodle Rescue and all the great things they do. --Linda
  • Unfortunately, I will have to decline, but still so thankful to have gotten Bella from Coastal Poodle Rescue. Keep up the good work! --Debbie
  • While we'd like very much to bring our Lani to the reunion/picnic, but she is currently touring Europe with us! Yesterday she discovered European Red-haired squirrels on our walkies in the Pfalz forest, and was the perfect little lady - alerted, sniffed, looked at mommie for instructions, got told "no," put her tail in a curl and carried on. Good girl, Lani!! She got a smll piece of a jerky treat for that! She's still a bit shy with friends she's never met, but warms up quickly, then goes and minds her business. She is indeed, "the perfect dog for us!" We love her to pieces. Sadly, the effects of her previous home are causing her to go blind and the heartworms have left permanent heart damage. She's developed occasional siezures her doctor thinks is epilepsy. No matter! She is home and that is what counts! Her doctor is treating her and we're planning a trip to a vetinary teaching hospital (optomologist) in Zweibruchen Germany to see if they can have her prematurely advanced cataracts removed. Sorry to take so much time here...we want everyone in CPR to know our Lani (Alanya Frances Sullivan) is happy, a healthy as she can possibly be and we're blessed to have her in our lives. --John, Deb
  • So sorry I will be away---Colette, formerly Karina, is a joy and doing beautifully with her new cousin Archie, a Humane Society Silky Terrier. --Nan
  • We aren't going to be able to make it up to Melbourne, but I wanted to report that Domino is fabulous! He is a gorgeous and sweet boy that everyone cannot help but stop and admire. It blows people away to think he was abandoned in the Everglades. We are so fortunate to have been able to adopt him. I have friends getting married soon and in lieu of gifts, they have requested contributions to animal welfare organizations, so Coastal Poodle will be receiving a donation in honor of the marriage of Mike and Heather! Hope you all have wonderful time reconnecting and please put some pictures on line. We'd love to see them. --Katherine
  • Thank you for the wonderful invite. Unfortunately, we will not be in town that weekend. We might be looking for another rescue in the future! We love, love, love our Durango! Both my husband and I have had dogs our whole lives, but never a poodle. Durango has been the BEST thing ever for our family and the BEST disciplined and loving dog we have ever had. Not to mention he's a wonderful swimmer and he goes in the pool ever chance he gets with the 3 kids! Thank you for bringing this joy to our lives. May your work continue forth! --Heidi
  • I can not make it but would like to mail a small donation. I have attached a pic of our much loved poodle Reily, we got him 2 1/2 years ago. --Mary
  • We are going to be unable to attend with Bijou. We are having our second daughter on the 30th. Bijou is very happy and so are we. Ella our 3yr and Bijou are best friends and Ella has been taking care of her feedings and learning how to train Bijou since we got her. Bijou has been such a perfect match for our family. I have attached pictures of Ella and Bijou in the yard playing with each other. Hope you all have a great time.
  • I wish you and Coastal Poodle Rescue continued success. We are so thankful to have Doc in our lives. When my husband and I decided to get a dog, we wanted to adopt a dog which needed a home, and we realized I would need a poodle or some other non-allergenic breed. So, I found Coastal Poodle Rescue's website and completed the forms. I was impressed when you actually contacted my references and came to our home to insure that we offered a safe and suitable home for a dog and that we would be attentive, caring "parents". Once we were allowed to go on your website, we saw the dogs' photos and read their bios. We selected three; Margie, Doc's foster mother, was the first to contact me. We arranged to meet in Naples...thinking that we'd just go meet the cute little dog in the photo. We knew that he was a mix...poodle and lassa opso... and that he had an infant cataract (nearly blind in one eye)...but he was so darned cute! We found that he'd been abused prior to having been left at the pound and that a Coastal Poodle representative had saved him before his scheduled euthanized. He routinely barked at men and had snapped at the vet;so, we surmised that a male had been his abuser. Margie, who had Doc for three months, had taught him some tricks, but most importantly, had taught him to trust. We obviously left Naples that night with a new member of our family in our back seat! He's come to accept men now and absolutely adores his Daddy. He still barks at McDonald's drive-thru employees and toll takers; I guess he figures he's protecting himself and us! The reason for my sharing our story is to tell you how important Doc is to us, to our neighborhood kids who love Doc, and to our grandchildren who look forward to spending time with him.... he LOVES kids, and it's nice to see such a precious doggy receive the love which he gives so freely! He had taught us the meaning of unconditional love and loyalty...and fun! --Lynnette

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