Georgeanns Homeless Hounds And Foster Program of Florida, Inc.
At Nature Coast Safe Place

A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

Click on the picture above of Stripe laughing to take a look at Our Adoptable Pet List.

Phone us: 727-647-1719

Please read our entire page. It is all about us and the help we need for our kids. And if you have questions, please call me at 727-647-1719. I do not have time to sit at the computer and write emails but I do keep my cell phone on me all the time. Thank you.

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It's that time for puppies!!!

We have puppies - lots of puppies - apartment size. Some are ready to go home with you now, many more will be ready within the next few weeks.
So call today at 727-647-1719 and let's see if we have what you are looking for and for what we will have soon. Call now and put your deposit down, because they will be gone very quickly...
Please don't email me!!!
Call and I will tell you all about them and set up an appointment if interested.

Our ranch

This is where the pets at Georgeanns Homeless Hounds stay.

Click on the picture above to get a photo tour of our ranch.

Do you have a pet you need to give up?

Give us a call at 727-647-1719.
We know we can help.

We accept:

Your pets will find a loving home with us, whether it is only temporary or whether it is for the rest of their lives.


Going on vacation for the summer?
Need a safe place for your pet (any size dog, cat, bird, or farm animal)?
Put your loved one in foster care with us.
Call and reserve your space today!
Phone: 727-647-1719

More about us

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Pet stories

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List of adoptable pets

Click here for a list of adoptable pets at Georgeanns Homeless Hounds

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