More About Georgeanns Homeless Hounds

Who we are

Our mission is very simple:

We love and care for all animals in need.

We provide temporary homes for the animals.

We also have a long-term safe place for the ones that cannot be adopted.

Our work is done by a network of volunteer foster homes, other rescues, and Georgeann's own Nature Coast Safe Place.

Serving the Tampa Bay area and the Florida Suncoast since 1998.

Georgeanns Homeless Hounds & Foster Program of Florida, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. This means that all your donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. It also means that we do not have to pay taxes on your donations and that every penny you donate will go the dogs and cats and whatever else comes to our door. We have not received any grants. We are a no-kill organization and our animals rely on people just like you and me.

Everyone deserves a second chance - at Georgeanns Homeless Hounds and Nature Coast Safe Place everyone gets that. No matter how long it takes.

It may take us up to a year to find someone to adopt them, or we may never find someone to adopt them, but one thing is for sure: They will always have a loving home at Georgeanns Homeless Hounds or one of our foster homes until the day comes and they go where the healing waters flow.

We do not put our kids to sleep when they are not adopted. The only time we do so is when they are in pain and we cannot stop their pain with medication or when they are so aggressive that George and Georgeann cannot handle them. The latter almost never happens. Almost every single one of the pets that came to Homeless Hounds and was called "too aggressive" is now very well-behaved and lives very happily with all the other kids at Georgeanns Homeless Hounds. We understand animals and we know how to treat them and how they want to be treated.

Please give the humane way!

Georgeanns Homeless Hounds & Foster Program of Florida, Inc.
4604 49th St. N., Unit 8
St. Petersburg, FL 33709
Phone: 727-647-1719

How you can help us

Here at Georgeanns Homeless Hounds we have old dogs, old cats, old horses, and old cows that would love your help.

Cash donations (no matter how little) always help out. You can click on the button, and for just 2 dollars, I can feed an old dog or cat for a day.

You can also help us by giving us new or used things. Things we need and can never have enough of:

Just give us a call: 727-647-1719.

You can also send donations to David or Stacey:
Sending TLC, World Wide Shipping
4604 49th St. N., Unit 8
St. Petersburg, FL 33709
Just tell David or Stacey it is for Homeless Hounds.

Thank you from Georgeann and all the kids here at Nature Coast Safe Place.

Please help our old dogs and cats

Would you give your heart to an old dog or cat?
We have old dogs and cats that need love too.
Give us a call if you would like to make whatever life they have left a happy one.
They will love you just as much as a puppy or kitten.
Call 727-647-1719 and ask for Georgeann.
Please help today to make a difference in the life of a helpless animal that would love you forever. "Animals are love!"
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