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Specializing in healthy family pets of all sizes!

The Stephens County Humane Society is a tax-exempt (501c3) rescue group run by 2 couples on their own property. It is one of the only no-kill facilities in the state and receives no financing from any government agency. We have to depend on adoption fees, donations and our own funds to keep it in operation. Our regular adoption fee is $90, but very small dogs and purebred pets have increased fees that help us keep going since we lose money on most of the adult pets over 25 lbs. Our dogs are all spayed/neutered and have as many vaccinations as possible for their age. Pets over 3 months have received their rabies shots and over 6 months have been tested for heartworm disease and treated if necessary.

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We adopted 377 dogs in forever homes during 2007. We have adopted 65 so far this year, but with the economy making it harder to find homes for these animals, plus health problems with one of our members, our rate of adoptions is slightly lower for 2008. But we hope to be back up to speed in the coming months.

We do offsite adoptions at Petco in Buford and at Petsmart in Gainesville each Saturday and Sunday and show dogs at our kennels by appointment. We have seen many more pets given up due to the declining economy, loss of jobs and home foreclosures. Most of the time we are able to accommodate dogs 25 lbs. and under with no problems, but larger dogs are slower and harder to find homes for. As with human medical care, our vet costs and vaccines have increased our costs, particularly for the larger animals. Regrettably our local animal control shelter has a very high kill rate, through necessity, but we try to rescue as many as we can.

We encourage volunteers for foster homes but have been unsuccessful in finding them. The Humane Society would pay all vet bills for foster parents to maintain our dogs. We have not been able to find volunteers for cats and kittens. We can supply the cages and vet services if foster parents would maintain them and attend adoptions on Saturdays and Sundays.

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