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Please share your PAWS adoption stories with us! Do you have photo of you and your new family member going home- or a story to share about your new friend's role in your family? E-mail or send a letter/picture to us and we'll post it here.


Adoption Stories [Gillette & Oscar Are A Dream Team]

Gillette while still with PAWSThese 2 long time shelter residents finally found the perfect home, together, along with their new "Mom" Evelyn Kotouc and their new "brother" Link. Oscar is a gray tabby and Gilly is a petite tortie. Evelyn wrote this great update and thank-you note:

"The cats are doing great! They are running around the house and getting along pretty well. Link and Oscar occaisionally have to tussle to show who is top male, but they both purr the whole time and never hurt each other. Link and Gilly arent great friends, but they just kind of ignore each other and dont have any problems. Gilly loves sleeping with me, she is such a little love bug. Oscar checks in now and again, but seems to prefer the chairs. They both love watching the birds out my window, which I figured they would. I think they are doing terrific to be as well adjusted and happy as they are. They are very happy and content, I think. Thanks again for all the help in helping me find my fur babies."

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