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Please share your PAWS adoption stories with us! Do you have photo of you and your new family member going home- or a story to share about your new friend's role in your family? E-mail or send a letter/picture to us and we'll post it here.


Adoption Stories [Roxy, Bubba, & India...The 3 Amigos!]

Our family lost our 2 beloved dogs within one month last winter. We were reluctant to get another dog right away because there had been so many changes in our life over the past 6 years. We needed the "perfect" dog: one who was good with children, one who didn't mind being left alone while we were at work every day, an older dog, one who was housebroken. We heard about Roxy (Rotweiler/Pitbull/Golden Retriever mix) and her situation of being abandoned with 13 puppies. After seeing her picture we knew this was the dog for us. She came to live with us Memorial Weekend. She adjusted very well to living with our family and seemed to love our 2 boys very much. We loved having a dog again and decided one was enough. A month later, the shelter let us know that a 4 year old Golden Retriever had been dropped off. We decided that Roxy was a little lonely so Bubba came to live with us. They got along very well and played together constantly. During a visit to the shelter in August, we met India (Basset Hound/Lab mix) and knew we had to have this dog too! India fit right in with the other 2 dogs and the 3 of them enjoy wrestling together, digging in our flowerbeds, and finding and eating apples from the trees outside. Roxy, Bubba, and India also share their home with 2 cats, Rumpelteazer, a 12 year old black shorthair and Friendly, a 5 month old longhair orange tabby.

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