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This web site is intended to be a comprehensive listing of all the organizations and individuals who rescue Poodles who are homeless or unwanted,
and then help to find perfect "forever" homes for them.
If you are looking for a Poodle Rescue Agency, please
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If you are looking for a Poodle to Adopt, you may wish to review these resources,

(in addition to contacting the Poodle Rescue Agencies nearest you):

The Poodle Adoption Page


Please do not email me if you are looking for a Poodle -- I just provide a list of the Rescue Groups,

and have no idea what dogs they have available at any given time.  Thank you!

Do you know of Poodles that are in need of Rescue or Adoption? 
Contact the closest organization to let them know!
Do you want to provide a temporary (foster) home for a Rescued Poodle? 
Contact the organizations closest to you and find out how you can help!
DISCLAIMER:  Please understand that this site is intended to act as a central clearing house.
It is not an endorsement of any of the organizations listed, their members or the dogs they may have.


Cassie is about 5 years old.  We adopted her in 1993.  She spent the first year of her life in a puppy mill.  She was rescued by the Humane Society & I got her from them.  One look in those big brown eyes & I was hooked for life!  Cassie is very skittish & wouldn't let anybody pick her up.  Finally, I was able to get her and we went home.  I'll never forget walking in the house  & Big Nikki (German Shepherd/Husky mix) came up to investigate.  Cassie, of course, shivered uncontrollably in my arms.  Now they are inseparable companions and best, best friends.  Poor Cassie will never really be "normal," but she is a happy little angel.  She's still extremely jumpy and skittish.  It took years to train her to go "outside" as she had lived in a cage for one year.  It took her years to warm up to my husband, and now they are very close.  Really, she was a lot of trouble, but I loved her so much that it didn't matter.  And she is a delightful child. -- Lorrie C. Watson

Special thanks to Dianne Zeifman who recognized the need and created the original Poodle Adoption and Poodle Rescue links web pages.  She maintained both for several years.  Because of Dianne's efforts, dozens, more likely  hundreds, of Poodles with otherwise uncertain futures found happy homes.


"My rescue Standard Poodle has been with me over 7 years and grows more precious with every day that passes." 
-- Diane Whitehouse

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