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Lilly's Story

Lilly's story begins like most dogs...she was abandoned as a puppy. One of the volunteers, Leah, received a phone call stating that there was an abandoned dog that needed help right away. Leah took it upon herself to get this lost and forgotten soul only to find her emaciated and longing for a gentle hand.  Lilly had not had food or water in over a week. Leah rushed Lilly to her home for a little love, food, and water.

Within the week, once Lilly had gained enough energy to walk, Leah took Lilly to Bellemore Animal Hospital in Granite City for a vet visit. Dr. Fisher looked at Lilly in disbelief that this sweet girl who should have weighed in at 40 pounds at her bare minimum weight only registered at 27 pounds.  Lilly is just a baby and has already endured a hard life. Dr. Fisher sent Lilly home on a strict diet, lots of attention, and love.

Leah quickly learned that the previous owners of Lilly had saved Lilly's life once before when she was a puppy. Someone had dumped Lilly on the side of the road and they saved her from the harsh elements of the environment only to put her right back into the same situation. They moved and never even looked back to get her.

Leah was heartbroken to see this lonely girl so hungry but knew she had to regain her weight slowly. Like any animal forced to survive on their own, Lilly wanted to devour any and all food and water within site. She hung her head for many days as if she was ashamed of herself...maybe she was too weak to hold her head high for long periods of time. She cried and whined for those painful few days but her tail would wag as if to say thank you. Only Lilly knew what she was thinking.

As time passed, Lilly learned to play again and that food and water would be readily available at any given time and slowed her eating and drinking intake. Lilly's personality started to show, a loving and loyal lover. She had so much love to give but no one would take the time to love her...until that day that Leah picked her up and carried her home.

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