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Oscar's Story


Oscar was at the local animal control near our shelter, Partners For Pets Humane Society. One of our volunteers went there on a Monday and he was lying on the concrete floor. He didn't even raise his poor matted head when the volunteer called him. It was hard to see him in the kennel but he looked matted and filthy. His time was up on Tues. and he would be euthanized if we didn't take him. So she put our name on the dog.

On Tuesday the volunteer went to get him and when she picked him up she realized just how bad he was. He was almost limp and in the same spot the day before. His coat was so flea infested he almost moved and the flea dirt crunched. He was taken straight to the vet where he was washed and assessed. The water ran red from the flea dirt. Oscar was so anemic from the fleas the vet was considering a transfusion. His eyes were matted shut and very infected. He was also dehydrated. It was touch and go for a few days.

After two days of IV's, antibiotics, eye meds and iron meds he began to get better. He began to eat and his eyes were open. He got to go home with the volunteer with strict instructions to put the eye meds in every two hours around the clock. Oscar even got to go to work with the volunteer and ride around with her as she did her job. After a week the vet thought he would not lose his eyes and they were almost healed. The eye meds had to continue but just twice a day. He got to eat hamburger to get his iron count up. The poor matted mess was now a cute, happy pooch. There were no ill effects to his personality-he was so happy. You just wonder how he got in the shape he was in.

Oscar was adopted to a wonderful lady. He has his own special bed and tons of toys. He is the king of the house and well loved.

Lisa McCormick, Partners For Pets Humane Society. (618) 972-5572


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