On Thursday PM one of our volunteers called and a neighbor in Granite had called to say a large white German Shepard had been impaled on her fence and could we help.  She was frantic for help.  The police had removed the 50 pound dog from the fence that was hanging upside down on the fence.  The Granite City police were contacted and stated we could take the dog to the emergency clinic.  The dog had a long tear on her stomach and was bleeding badly.  There was also a long gash on her back leg. Even with all her injuries she wagged her tail as we helped her.  She never tried to bite even though the pain had to be terrible. 

At the E clinic the dog was checked and found to need surgery for the wound.  The staff at the clinic found a microchip but could not reach the owners.  All they could do was provide pain meds, fluids, antibiotics and a pressure wrap until the owner could be found.  The next morning the owner was found and relinquished the dog to us. Surgery was performed at Horseshoe Lake Animal Hospital to repair the injuries.  Dr. Mollet was optimistic and did not feel any punctures had been made to any internal organs.  This evening Sheba was resting comfortably at the vet.  The next few days will be critical due to the big risk of infection.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.