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Waltz's Story 

May 2004 Lisa drove to one of the rural kill shelters to pull dogs and cats on their kill day. There were many dogs this day, mostly large, all running around in a big yard.  Among the chaos of dogs was this pitiful looking creature running in circles. He looked like a yorky but was matted and dirty, stained with urine, it was extremely difficult to tell that which breed he really was.  His poor head was bobbling all over and couldn't stop running in circles.  It was very evident that he was terrified.  Needless to say Lisa rescued this lost soul.  As Lisa was leaving one of  the worker's noticed that Lisa had chosen the little yorky.  The man said to Lisa as she was loading the van that he didn't think we would want that little dog. Lisa looked at him puzzled. The man finished is comment by stating the pup would make good fish bait.

Lisa named the little guy Waltz because he circled all the time. Lisa gave the little guy a good bath and removed his mats. Waltz was so terribly thin but wouldn't stop circling long enough to eat.  Lisa knew crating him would probably increase the circling but knew it was in Waltz's best interest so he could eat. Luckily Waltz didn't mind being in his crate and started eating.

Waltz was taken into Horseshoe Lake Animal Hospital were Dr. Randla looked at Waltz.  It was determined that Waltz had a bad head injury and this was causing the head to bobble and to run in circles. Dr. Randla sent Waltz home with a little time and alot of TLC and good food.

After a few days Waltz started to slow down circling and started to come out of his shell.  He enjoyed being held for a short time and would then want down.  About three weeks later Waltz started gaining weight and was not circling like he once did.  Now that Waltz was coming around Lisa wasn't sure what she would do with Waltz because of his special needs.  Lisa put a picture of Waltz on the website and his story but the calls were few. If someone did call, they were immediately told that Waltz may never be a normal pup.  The potential adopters declined. We all wondered if this was Waltz's stay at the shelter his entire life.

Then we got a call from Clint.  He was so excited to see Waltz and understood he had some problems.  Clint met Waltz and fell in love with him and wanted to bring Waltz into his new home.  We were so happy to see that Waltz had a new home went with Clint.

- - UPDATE - -

Clint brought Waltz over Friday for a visit.  I couldn't believe it.  I would not have recognized him.  Waltz is absolutely beautiful!  His coat is thick and so shiny and healthy.  He has gained two pounds.  His head still bobbles a little but much less than it did.  Clint says he only goes in circles if he gets excited and the those are big circles.  He is now potty trained and has started going up stairs in the last week which is a huge accomplishment.  They found out that Waltz is totally deaf most likely due to the head injury but this isn't slowing him down.  Thank you Clint for taking such good care of Waltz.  You are a really great person.  Way to go Waltz!!  This is why I do this. ~ Lisa 


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