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Wiggles Story 

Partners for Pets received a call late one Friday night.  The call came from a man that claimed he had found a small dog with badly matted fur in terrible shape and smelly near his home in the country.  This man could not keep the dog and told us he had gotten our number from the Collinsville Animal Shelter.  We agreed to take the dog in and one of our volunteers met him at a local gas station. Once the dog was in our possession the dog was rushed to the shelter. The stench of a dead animal was overwhelming.  

After carefully examination of our newest addition to the shelter, Lisa McCormick, Shelter President, decided that this dog was in serious need of medical attention.  The mats that covered the dog were gooey and the stench was not going away. The dog, a black and white Shih Tzu, seemed friendly, but made it clear that his back was painful to touch.

Lisa, Theresa, VP, and Lucy immediately started working to get the mats off of the dog that we've named Wiggles.  Once the mats were cut away the sores were revealed that caused Wiggles so much pain. The sores on his back had drained and caused fur to look like tar. By this time Wiggles was in so much pain that Lisa administered some pain medication to the dog.

 Clipping slowly away at the mats it became clear where the smell was coming from.  The wounds were badly infected and infested with maggots.  Large maggots were oozing out of the wounds and matted fur.  It was clear that Wiggles needed veterinary care immediately.  Dr. Irvin from Horseshoe Lake Animal Hospital returned the emergency page to the shelter advising us how to fix Wiggles.  Dr. Irvin instructed Lisa to apply Ace to remove the mats and to soak Wiggles in the bathtub. With time and patience the mats were removed and the wounds were irrigated with warm water.  After Wiggles treatment the water was swimming with maggots of all shapes and sizes. He seemed in good spirits even though the volunteers were not.

Lisa brought him to Horseshoe Lake Animal Hospital in the morning for an examination and second cleaning.  Antibiotics and some Ivermectin and Wiggles is good as gold. Wiggles is doing well and he is waiting to heal.  Whatever got a hold of Wiggles is a whole other story but are glad that he will make a full recovery.

- - UPDATE - -

Wiggles has found a home!!  After spending a few weeks at a volunteer's home, Wiggles came back a new boy.  The scars on his back are now gone and hair has grown back.  Wiggles shows no trace of what he had been through.  Wiggles is a happy boy and his new home is excited to have him, including the five children that can't wait to play with Wiggles.  ~ Lisa


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