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Do to the very limited amount of foster homes available, we will no longer be accepting owner relinquished dogs at this time. The space we have is reserved for dogs in dire need situations.

Please take a moment and evaluate your reason for wanting to relinquish your dog. Please contact your veterinarian, a trainer, or behaviorist. Find help in family and friends. Contact the breeder you purchased your dog from and lastly, contact your local no-kill facility.

I can no longer keep my Saint Bernard, can you help me?

The most frustrating part about running a rescue group are the numerous
calls and emails we receive daily from people wanting us to find a home for
 a Saint they can no longer keep. Our rescue service is a very small, private
 group run by volunteers dedicated to helping the Saint Bernard breed. We do
 not have a shelter where unwanted dogs can reside until they can find a
forever home. Our group consists of just a few dedicated foster homes. With
over 100 calls a month for help, we simply cannot accommodate everyone.

What you need to know:

 ISBR is dedicated to helping dogs in dire situations. Your divorce, allergic
child, foreclosure, or simply not wanting your dog is not considered dire.
Dogs at risk of being euthanized in animal control facilities or shelters is
 dire. So are abused and neglected dogs. We can no longer accommodate owner
 relinquished dogs. The reality is your dog is your responsibility and it
belongs to you. You made a choice to welcome this dog into your life. It is
 your choice how to end its life.

 Animal Shelters:

Animal controls and shelters were created to care for stray and abused
 animals. They weren't meant to be a drop-off point for people who don't want
                                       their pets anymore.  Shelters, on average, take in 100 new animals or more each day.   

By law, stray pets must be kept several days for their owners to claim them. They may not be destroyed until that period is up.

Dogs given up by their owners aren't protected by these laws and can be destroyed as soon
as they enter the facility. Sending your dog to a shelter in hopes that
they'll find a good home is wishful thinking. More than likely, they will be
 put down due to lack of space and the difficulty in finding them an
 appropriate home.

Did you purchase your dog from a breeder?
 Most reputable breeders will take their dogs back regardless of age and sex.
 Please take a moment and call your breeder for help.

Rely upon friends and family.
If you feel your situation is reversible, contact those you love for help.

Ask us for advice.
 We can't take your unwanted dog but we can advise you on how to rectify the
situation whether it is medical or behavioral. We will be happy to counsel
you about finding a home for your Saint. We can provide you with our process
overview and forms so that you can successfully place your dog on your own.

Lastly, if you have a senior dog, one with less desirable attributes, health issues, or aggression, do you want him to die with strangers or be
 surrounded by the people they have loved all of their life and go with


"Saints Among Us"
PO Box 654   Bedford Park, Illinois 60499-0654
(773) 551-1539

Email: ISBRPresident@aol.com
Tammy Falletti, President