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Charitable Bequests

When you think of making a gift to charity in your will, you simply direct in your will that your entire interest in certain money be transferred to a designated charity. With the assistance of your legal advisor, you can establish a bequest by will, to be directed to the Highland Animal Shelter. If you have already prepared a will, your legal advisor can help you add a statement, called a codicil, to include the Highland Animal Shelter.

An outright bequest can take various forms. The following brief descriptions of several types of bequests may be helpful to you as you plan your estate:

General Bequestis probably the most popular type of charitable request. With this, you simply leave a specified dollar amount to the Highland Animal Shelter. For example, a bequest of $5,000 would be considered a general bequest.

Percentage Bequestis expressed as a percentage of an estate or residuary estate. For example, a donor might leave Highland Animal Shelter 50% of the residuary estate.

Unrestricted BequestsI give (dollar amount) to the Highland Animal Shelter, a nonprofit organization, to be used in such a manner as the Highland Animal Shelter Board of Directors may elect.

Restricted Bequests I give (dollar amount) to the Highland Animal Shelter, a nonprofit organization, for the purpose of establishing the following restricted purpose (examples: spay/neuter, building fund, vet expenses).

(The above is provided as information only. You should consult with your legal advisor before making any changes to your estate.)

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