A Day For The Dogs At BCHS Paws In The Park

It was definitely a day for the dogs Saturday as Bond County Humane Society held its annual Paws In The Park event.

The weather was good during the day with many persons from throughout the area bringing their dogs. Many people without dogs visited to see the animals and the contests.

This was the eighth year for Paws In The Park. Among the early activities was the blessing of the animals by Pastor Shalom Renner of the Greenville First United Methodist Church. Approximately 40 dogs were at the blessing.

Contests were conducted throughout the day. The winners were:

Fastest Fetch - Europa and handler Anastasia Baird, 1st; Hemi and handler Stephanie Smith, 2nd; Boscoe and handler Susan Smith and Tyson and handler Danyelle Heinz, tied for 3rd; Sydney and handler Kimberly Lovato, 4th.

Best Kisser - Kiwi and handler Grace Baum, 1st; Butch and handler Lindsey Krummel, 2nd; Hershey Kisses and handler Janice Perkins, 3rd.

Best Trick - Marley and handler Heather Leihser, 1st; Bella and handler Brooke Davidson, 2nd; Kiwi and handler Grace Baum, 3rd; Hershey Kisses and handler Janice Perkins, 4th.

Best Series of Tricks - Dash and handler Ruth Dultz, 1st; Donut and handler David Yan, 2nd; Lucy and handler Debbie Blankenship, 3rd; Duncan and handlers Matt and Mary Manning, 4th.

Best Barker/Howler - Peanut and handler Robin Allen, 1st; Boscoe and handler Susan Smith, 2nd; Hunter and handler Ruth Dultz and Midnight and handler Candy Anne Busch, tied for 3rd; Destiny and handler Donna Elam, 4th.

Prettiest Small Pure Breed - Zoey and handler Liz Gattra, 1st; Skylie Marie and handler Taylor Zobrist, 2nd; Zeke and handler Allie Lawrence and Butch and handler Lindsey Krummel, tied for 3rd; Kiwi and handler Grace Baum and Sam and handler Patty Edmund, tied for 4th.

Prettiest Medium Pure Breed - Flip and handler Mary Manning, 1st; Angel and handler Kylie Ketchem, 2nd.

Prettiest Large Pure Breed - Franke and handler Kyle Conine, 1st; Shelby and handler Lindsey Jackson, 2nd; Neiko and handler Bryan Buckingham, 3rd; Skittles and handler Jill Knox and Lily and handler Jim Plunkett, tied for 4th.

Prettiest Small Mixed Breed - Snickers and handler Diane Stanton, 1st; Cotton and handler Yvonne Green, 2nd; Finni and handler Tara Carsrud, 3rd; Petey and handler Vicki Linton, 4th.

Prettiest Medium Mixed Breed - Scotch and handler Amanda Arnold, 1st; Rusty and handler Amy Buckingham, 2nd.

Prettiest Large Mixed Breed - Montana Mariah and handler Sharon Karn, 1st; Drake and handler Kayla Green, 2nd; Europa and handler Anastasia Baird, 3rd.

Best Dressed - Harley and handler Dave Fauke, 1st; Finni and handler Tara Carsrud, 2nd; Sam and handler Patty Edmund, 3rd; Maxey and handler Janet Esmon, 4th.

Best Human/Canine Look-Alike - Zinni and handler Tara Carsrud, 1st; Petey and handler Vicki Linton and Kiwi and handler Grace Baum, tied for 2nd; Lexy and handler Danielle Zykan, 3rd; Missie from Bond County Humane Society and handlers Haley Mays and Brittany Rolland, 4th.

The winner of the cutest pet photo contest was Maggie and her owner Andi Cramer.




The Greenville Advocate Newspaper September 22, 2011 Page 14