Belleville Author Visits 'Paws'

Her passion for writing and love of dogs led to Sindy Smith of Belleville making an appearance at Bond County Humane Society's Paws in the Park on Saturday.

Smith, who began writing children's stories over 10 years ago and has written seven children's books since 2010, said she visited the event due to her love of animals. She was accompanied at Patriot's Park by two of the dogs owned by she and her husband, Kevin, who also attended.

The Belleville resident also decided to help the humane society, donating a portion of the sales of her books to the organization.

Her first children's book was "Little Lucy Lou," published in 2010. The next year, she wrote "Dadu the Dolphin: and "Mr. Mikno." This year has been a busy one for Smith, as she has released "Thirteen Ghostly Encounters at Wirsing Manor," "Indy the Unicorn Prince," "Charlie the Chipmunk and the Lost Goldmine," and "Rosie the Rottweiler.

Smith also provides the colorful illustrations in her books. The author stated, "It is my hope that your child will enjoy them, and that they will feel happy, safe and full of wonder as they read these enchanting little stories."

Wirsing Manor, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is located in the Old Belleville Historic District. It was the setting for "Little Lucy Lou."

Smith said many believe the old 1845 14-room home is haunted. That led to her writing "Thirteen Ghostly Encounters at Wirsing Manor."

Most of Smith's books are about animals. Her daughter, Lindsay, is a character in several of the books. Smith said her books have strong moral messages of hope, the meaning of friendship and inspiration for children.

More information about Smith and her books can be obtained online at



The Greenville Advocate Newspaper September 20, 2012 Page 14