County Humane Society Constructs First Building: Being Used For Storage

Bond County Humane Society has taken a big step by completing its first building.

The storage structure is located on South Elm Street, between Enertech and the Greenville wastewater treatment plant. Dennis Hundsdorfer, from the humane society, said the building is 24 feet by 48 feet in size.

Society members hope that a new animal shelter is not far away from being built. Funds are still being sought.

According to Hundsdorfer, the society is continuing to search for grant possibilities, but they are getting more and more difficult to find.

The storage building is important for the humane society because there are many items that have been donated to it which now can be placed in one central location. Each weekend, the society's van is pulled up to the building and loaded with items for the pet adoption trips to Fairview Heights or Edwardsville.

Hundsdorfer said he looks at the storage building as Phase I of a construction plan the humane society has. The group now has a building that allows it to accept donations and store them in a safe location.

At the present time, the humane society keeps cats in a county-owned facility along Fourth Street in Greenville, and dogs are kept at another location in the southwest part of the city.

"It would be better for everything if we had a shelter," Hundsdorfer commented. "We could take care of more animals."

Plans for a 5,300 square foot, steel-constructed shelter have been developed. It would allow the society to keep dogs and cats, and would also accomodate offices, meeting rooms, an adoption center, and food preparation and storage areas.

A shelter would be constructed just west of the storage building.

There's no way to know when it would become a reality due to the financial situation. "We have some promises to help with the building, but it's still expensive," Hundsdorfer commented.

In addition to taking care of the cats and dogs at the local facilities, Bond County Humane Society also reaches out to find good homes for the animals.

Each Saturday of the month, humane society representatives take dogs and cats to PetCo in Fairview Heights or PetSmart in Edwardsville. Individuals have the opportunity to adopt pets.

Hundsdorfer said there are days when they return to Greenville with the same pets, however, last week two animals were adopted.

Adoptions can also be initiated over the humane society's website at

Bond County Humane Society is always looking for additional persons to help volunteer at the current facilities. They can call 664-4068.



The Greenville Advocate Newspaper June 28, 2011 Page 9