Humane Society Needs Building To Keep Dogs

Bond County Humane Society will soon have nowhere to keep dogs.

Rachel Hundsdorfer, [acting] president of the society, reported that the organization has received notice that it must be out of the facility it has been renting by the end of the month.

That building, located in Greenville, has been in use for the past five years.

According to Hundsdorfer, there are currently five dogs at the facility. She said the society needs a place to eventually take the dogs if they are not adopted.

Hundsdorfer noted that the society is attempting to come up with the money to construct a small kennel building at the property the group owns at the south end of Elm Street, near Interstate 70. That property has a storage building owned by the society.

Anyone who would like to assist the society in donating services and materials can contact Hundsdorfer at 664-4068. The group is attempting to come up with the money to put up a building of about 700 square feet.

She added that help will be needed at the end of the month to dismantle items in the current kennel building and move them to the storage structure.

Anyone interested in adopting one of the five dogs can call the same telephone number.

The humane society keeps cats in the building formerly used by the Bond County Highway Department as a headquarters. The organization has as many cats as it can take care of at this time.

Eventually, the humane society would like to construct a large building at the property of South Elm Street, to house its entire operation.



The Greenville Advocate Newspaper August 2, 2011 Page 9