Opportunities Abound For Pet Lovers At BCHS

by Hoss Dossett, News Editor

According to the Bond County Humane Society (BCHS) website, about 70,000 puppies and kittens are born throughout the country each day. However, there are only about 10,000 humans born and because of this huge imbalance, about 6 million of those puppies and kittens are put to sleep each year. For that reason, BCHS has been making an effort to save and care for as many of those animals as possible. As they state on their website, BCHS "exists to provide temporary sanctuary for unwanted, lost, and neglected animals for ultimate placement in loving and responsible homes."

As a nonprofit charitable organization, BCHS gladly accepts volunteers - in fact, without volunteers the organization would fall apart. It is not funded by the state; instead, it relies on donations and grants. Conveniently located here in Greenville at 1403 South Fourth Street, it is the perfect place for students who have a heart for animals to volunteer. While there are certain criteria that must be met in order to volunteer, because the organization needs to make sure that every volunteer will truly love the animals, it is fairly easy to get involved. Online at www.bondcohs.petfinder.com, one can find the online application.

In fact, there are a couple different applications. For example, one can apply to be a foster parent for the needy animals. Since BCHS does not yet own a permanent shelter, the animals desperately need volunteers who will open up their homes as temporary shelters, until people are found who want to adopt them. As the website makes clear, most of the puppies and kittens are injured, either mentally or physically by their stays in local pounds. So, BCHS is continually searching for volunteers who will house the animals. In fact, BCHS provides the necessary food, collars, and crates - all that is up to the volunteer is to love their pet.

As stated above, there are other volunteer opportunities, such as daily feeding of the animals, walking them, cleaning then, or preparing them for adoption days (which occur every Saturday, sometimes in Glen Carbon, sometimes in Fairview Heights). Furthermore, there are opportunities for volunteers to work in the office, answering phones or preparing any necessary paperwork.

Now, there is no better time to volunteer than now, and the doors are always open at BCHS. There are some up and coming events in the future as well. On May 13 there will be an 18 Hole Golf Scramble Fundraiser at the course in Carlyle and on May 20 there is another fundraiser with dinner by candlelight and music at the First Presbyterian Church. Both fundraisers are for raising enough money for a permanent building. So attend, volunteer, and become a part of BCHS and hundreds of puppies' and kittens' lives.



The Papyrus, Greenville College Student Newspaper May 5, 2011 Page 2