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Read on down this page for more details about the pet adoption process.

It is our goal at Bond County Humane Society to match you with the best kind of pet for your family and home.

Please help us find homes for these wonderful animals:

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Featured Pet

My name is Magic.
Magic the shorthaired Black cat is thinking about learning some spells that will help him meet a furever family faster! He is 2 years old and was a stray cat before the woman who rescued Magic surrendered him to BCHS. He loves toys and having his belly rubbed. He plays well with kittens, too. You don't have to go to wizardry school to understand this kitty. He's a simple, carefree kind of guy and would appreciate almost any kind of loving home: just you, a couple, family with older children, another cat in the household. The adoption fee for Magic is $55.

Featured Pet

My name is Stephanie
Stephanie the shorthaired, Dilute Calico cat is about to take another nap while waiting to meet her new person or family. She is about 5 years old and was rescued by Bond County Humane Society when a city resident who'd been feeding Stephanie outdoors discovered her one day covered in blood and curled into a ball next to the house. A BCHS volunteer rushed to pick her up and take her to the veterinarian who determined that in addition to having severe pregnancy and birth complications, her left eye was also very injured - by animal, human or machine we may never know for certain. The vet decided to put her under anesthesia just once and spay her and remove the eye at the same time. We did not know if Stephanie would survive the surgeries or the recovery but we had to try. Happily, Stephanie came through, purring all the time and loving attention. Today she is so playful and extremely affectionate; she knows that she is just as beautiful with one eye as her original two and she will be a great addition to a loving family. Stephanie is spayed, house trained, microchipped and up to date on all of her vaccinations. The adoption fee for Stephanie is $55.

Use the 2 scroll boxes below to find adoptable BCHS pets:

Find Petango listings below!

AdoptAPet's Pet Of The Day features a pet available for adoption near the zip code 62246. This pet may or may not be adoptable through Bond County Humane Society.

Our Cats and Dogs would love to meet you! Here's how:

During the week, you can meet our CATS at the BCHS office at 1403 S. Fourth Street in Greenville on Monday, Thursday or Friday afternoons, or by appointment. Please call to make an appointment to meet our DOGS, as some are housed off site and some are living in foster homes. These adoptions are most often conducted at our office.

You can also meet our animals during our Saturday trips to Petco, Petsmart and Buchheit. BCHS transports a representation of our dogs and cats into the more metropolitan shopping areas each Saturday to give more pet-loving people a chance to see the wonderful adoptable animals in our care. These Saturday Adoptions are conducted at:

PETCO - Fairview Heights, IL on Route 159
1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month

PetSmart - Glen Carbon, IL on Route 159
2nd and 4th Saturdays of every month

Buchheit - Greenville, IL on Route 40
5th Saturdays when they occur

Want to adopt a pet?

It is our goal at Bond County Humane Society to match you with the best kind of pet for your family and home.

We require all prospective families to fill out an adoption application form. After we receive your completed application, a BCHS representative will call you for an interview. We carefully screen all applicants to ensure that our dogs and cats are placed in loving homes.

To apply please fill out the online application and email it to

You may also out print the adoption application form and snail mail it, or submit it in person to:
Bond County Humane Society
1403 South Fourth Street
Greenville, IL 62246

Give yourself or someone you care about the gift of a companion animal.

Adopt CatBut remember to be careful while you are excited and thoughtful. Can you afford a pet? Adopt Dog Are you allowed a pet? Are you picking the right breed or temperment of pet? Will you give your new pet a forever home FOR EVER? Before you adopt, learn all you can about cat/dog care and training. Be realistic and be ready - and your animal companion will be ready for you, too. Click here for an adoption application form. After we receive your completed application, a BCHS representative will call you for an interview.

Sponsor a "Difficult to Place for Adoption" cat or dog!

Sometimes a kitten or puppy comes into the care of Bond County Humane Society and it is initially too sick or too scared to become available for adoption right away. This kitten or puppy grows up in our cat shelter or our dog kennel over several months. It is now healthy and wishing someone would notice him/her and want him/her for their very own. BUT now it is an adult - not as cute and not as playful and not as indiscriminately affectionate as a younger animal. Many people pass him/her by each week. No one wants to adopt him/her when there is a baby animal to add to a family instead. This is not the cat or dog's fault. But it is sad and it is expensive for us. It means that Bond County Humane Society is still paying money to feed him/her, paying money to give him/her a bed to sleep on and vaccination shots and parasite prevention medication and toys to keep him/her mentally healthy and alert. Now you can help! You can choose a dog or cat to sponsor regularly each month and help support a pet in need until the perfect family finally comes along to adopt it. Visit our list at Petfinder to meet the animals who need your help right now. Then call 618-664-4068 to find out more information about sponsoring a "difficult to place for adoption" pet still living in shelter care.

Sponsor-A-Pet via PetFinder

For another way to help a pet even if you can't adopt, click on an adoptable animal's PetFinder profile and register to donate an amount that will go directly to BCHS and directly to that pet! It costs an average of $180 to provide care for a pet while s/he waits for a home. Each contribution you can afford to make enables a pet to get cared for until a new loving family comes along. They all deserve this chance!

Saturday Adoption Day Events

Adoption Days are the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of every month at Glen Carbon, IL PetSmart Store on Route 159; the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month at Fairview Heights, IL PETCO Store on Route 159; and the 5th Saturday at Greenville, IL Buchheit Country Superstore.

Below are some photos of our Volunteer Adoption Counselors, Volunteer Adoption Assistants, Adopting Families and our Adoptable Dogs and Cats from typical Adoption Saturday events.

Bond County Humane Society
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Shelter hours are 1-5pm Mon & Tues, Thurs & Fri. (Sun, Wed by appointment ONLY)

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