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This is the story of Ava

Ava Ava

Ava the silver grey Shih Tzu was already 4 years old in January 2013. She and two other male Shih Tzu's were seizures by Animal Control and surrendered to BCHS for adoption. Ava lived in a BCHS foster home with 2 adults, 3 older children and two other male dogs until she found her furever home. Ava was very sweet, easy-going and calm. She didn't usually join in with the boyish antics of the other dogs. She liked to sit back and watch them or find a place to take a snooze. She especially liked the kids and she would snuggle up to everyone. Ava's favorite time in her foster home was family movie night where she moved from lap to lap sharing all her love with everyone who would let her. Ava liked to take walks and was good on leash. She liked to take car rides and got excited at the prospect. But, as sweet and well-behaved as Ava dog was, BCHS worried about the special needs she would have as she got older.

The vet suspected Ava had congenital disease which had caused her to have cataracts. Her left eye was the worst at the moment, but her right eye was also starting to develop a cataract. Ava could definitely still see at the moment, but she would probably be blind in 1 year, so it became very important to BCHS that she learn how to get around in her new home as soon as she could. And her Prince Charming adopted her from PetCo in February 2013.

BCHS received this electronic letter from Ava's adoptive Dad in March 2013:

“Rachel and all at BCHS,

Ava came home today after her surgery yesterday. I was updated after surgery, that evening and this morning that all was good for her to come home. Each update was positive. There were no complications and Ava was a model patient (I believe they wanted to keep her). She watched all the activity around her and was a center of attention. She is a real sweetheart and all she meets is a friend.

The first thing we did upon arriving home was to remove the collar and take our usual walk. Regretfully, the collar was back on until we could relax in the recliner without it. There are several stitches that could be pulled out if she scratched at her eye. I can clean her eyes and massage them, which she loves. I think she is worn out from her adventure and needs rest.

Although the worst is over, weeks of medication follow....three different drops and two medicines. Follow-up exam is next week and subsequent visits further apart.


Ava in her temporary "cone of shame"



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