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This is the story of B.J.


B.J. was one of a litter of 13 puppies. The mother of the litter was a registered golden retriever and the father was a black lab and shepherd mix. Six of the litter were surrendered by the owner to Bond County Humane Society. B.J. was a very sociable, calm dog. She liked to play a little, but would rather hang out with her human companion.

BCHS received this electronic letter in October 2009:

“My family adopted B.J. in the summer of 2006 when she was about three months old. Our past dog had passed away a few months previous and we hadn't necessarily planned on adopting another dog so soon. But, when we saw Scooter and the way she looked at us with her big brown eyes, we knew she belonged in our family. We changed her name to Scooter because B.J. didn't seem to fit her very well and she has the biggest personality in our family. Scooter loves playing with her many, many toys and has a favorite stuffed duck. When anyone isn't happy or feeling well, she will bring her duck to that person and she will drop it on their lap. She loves snuggling but is also constantly active. She loves going for walks and is so well behaved that we can take her to the park without a leash and she won't stray more than five feet away (unless we throw her toy and she'll run after it and bring it right back). She always seems to be smiling, which makes the rest of us smile. She loves going camping and riding in cars and does so whenever possible. She greets everybody in the family every time they come home as though they had been gone for months. Her tail wags like crazy and she'll sit there letting you scratch her for hours.”




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