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This is the story of Blessing, our tiny & charmed kitten

The woman who adopted him, a veterinary technician, submitted his wonderful rescue tale for our scrapbook and newsletter:

"On April 25th I went to work at Countryside Pet Clinic in Greenville like any other Tuesday. [That soon changed.] We received a phone call from Bond County Humane Society about a [sick] momma cat who had delivered one baby on her own but may still have more. Sure enough, X-rays showed more.

Dr. Brittni Davis and I prepped for an emergency c-section to try to save momma Sweetie and her three babies. Together we got them out, and I put a baby inside my shirt on each side and kept the other one in my hands to keep warm. After a good 30 minutes all three kittens were moving and crying and ready to be with mom.

Unfortunately [Sweetie was not healthy enough to care for her kittens. Another nursing momma cat at BCHS took on the kittens as her own. Sadly two of the kittens' strength faded and they did not pull through. The last kitten, Blessing, on the other hand, continued to thrive and grow.]

So weeks went by and my husband and I had a cat that passed away from kidney disease on May 27th. My husband kept pestering me about getting another cat and I kept putting him off, not thinking I was ready. Then I showed up to work and spoke to KayAnna from BCHS; she told me she had a little guy named Blessing there for neuter surgery and who he was. Once I saw him again I knew I wasn't going to leave him. We have a special connection and I might have saved his life; I just couldn't pass the opportunity to make him mine.

He has definitely filled a hole we needed filled. He is a handful, entertaining, and always purring. His name is now Pablo.

Thank you for giving me this sweet blessing,"

Caryssa Downs, Greenville, Illinois
July 28, 2017

Blessing, now Pablo

Here is a short video posted by the vet clinic!

Emergency C-section today for Sweetie! Sweetie had been in labor 2 days ago and had 1 kitten who didn't survive. She had been acting sick since then, and x-rays today showed she had 3 more kittens still inside!

Posted by Countryside Pet Clinic- Greenville & Vandalia on Tuesday, April 25, 2017


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