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This is the story of Brownie


Brownie was an eleven week old puppy in December 2009. He and his 6 litter mates were from an unwanted litter surrendered to BCHS by their owners. BCHS volunteers confirmed that Brownie's father was a Miniature Dachshund and his mother was a Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix. Caesar, an adopted dog also featured as a Happy Tail, is also from this litter.

In June 2010, BCHS received this email from Brownie's adoptive family:

My father Donald adopted a puppy last December. His shelter name was 'Brownie' and he was part of a litter of puppies described as Chesapeake Bay/Miniature Dachshund mixes. My father named him 'Amos' and he is quite a character, full of energy and he loves to play - 'tug' being his all-time favorite game. My father and mother spoil him and he is basically just another grandchild that gets toys and treats on a regular basis. My main reason for writing is to inquire if you have heard from any of the people who adopted his litter-mates. Amos will be 9 months old on July 3rd and he already weighs 56 pounds. We were just very curious if any of his brothers and sisters are as big as him. We keep waiting for the 'Miniature Dachshund' to kick in. My parents receive many compliments on what a handsome dog Amos is, and when they inquire: 'What breed of dog is he?' my parents enjoy seeing their facial response when they reply: 'He's a Miniature Dachshund.' I have attached a photo of Amos - 'the world's biggest miniature dachshund' - taken in May [2010].

Thank you, Dale

Brownie Amos Happy!


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