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This is the story of Cinders


Bond County Humane Society pulled Cinders, a one year old Labrador Retriever mix, from county animal control when her time had expired to give her a second chance at life. We quickly determined that Cinders was a near perfect dog. Her energy balanced her smarts and she learned new commands at a lightning pace. Her special skill was "alarm barking" and she would let BCHS volunteers know with a sharp woof when there was a new sound, a new dog, or a new person to meet. Swiftly, Cinders charmed a young, active family at one of our August 2014 adoption events and we were able to match her with a great furever home.

Cinders's new family has sent us several updates and photos since her adoption:

Dear Rachel and everyone at BCHS,

We just wanted to take a few minutes to give you an update on Mitts (aka Cinders). With her four white paws, we were leaning to 'Socks' or 'Boots,' but we are a hockey family and gloves are typically called 'mitts'... so "Mitts" it is and she's fitting in very well. Mitts and Maddy, our Golden Retriever/Great Pyrenees mix, were an instant hit. They ran around the back yard, playing and chasing. Our Rat Terrier mix, Taylor, is a bit on the cautious side, but is warming up to the idea (about the same interaction with our friends' dogs). Last night we caught them playing in the back yard, but I'm sure Taylor would deny it! She has a lot of energy and it's easy to see she still has quite a bit of puppy left in her. She'll be great for the others and they've all been sleeping quite well at night! We went to Petco on Saturday to check out the possibility of a kitten/cat, but are quite happy that Mitts is part of our family (and I'm sure she didn't mind that she got to spend the night in a king-sized bed either.... she's quite the cuddle-bug!!). Thanks for the opportunity for Mitts to join our family; although at times, it's a bit more like a circus!!

With the nice warm weather we've been having, nothing better to do than hit the pool. Well, Miss Mitts is quite the swimmer. After a few short lessons to make her way safely to the steps, she's a pro and spent most of her free time fetching her toys from the pool. Once fetch was no longer fun, she found her way to a floating rest area and now thinks it is appropriate to hang on top of dad (see photo). And after a long hard day of swimming and running, always good to take a nap on the deck with her new big sis Maddy (second photo). She continues to embed herself into the clan... and doing quite well!

Stay cool,

the Picard Family: Christy, Dan, Caitlyn, Taylor, Maddy, and Mitts - August 18 & 24, 2014

Mitts (shelter name Cinders) Mitts (shelter name Cinders)


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