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This is the story of Floyd


In 2012, Floyd, a large black Domestic Short Hair cat, was about 3 years old. Floyd, his mom and 3 litter mates had been strays rescued by a couple and surrendered to Bond County Humane Society.

Following is a letter composed by the woman who adopted Floyd:

"What is that sound?" were the words I first said when I heard a sound similar to a baby crying when I began as a BCHS volunteer at the Cat Shelter in mid 2011. "Oh, that's Floyd," was the response. Floyd turned out to be a short haired black cat. (I was afraid of cats until I was introduced to my fiancé's male cat, Cookie. Thus began a new knowledge of cats with their attitude, and carefree spirit. Years later, Cookie became sick and I held his weak body once before he passed away. I had found a new caring feeling about cats).

Therefore every week I would visit Floyd at the shelter and hold him. Floyd would hiss at me after I put him back in his cage to which I would respond with, "WHAT?" Over time my love for him grew although he had hair loss from nervously chewing on himself and gingivitis which made him an unlikely cat for adoption. His history showed he had been adopted as a kitten by a military person but brought back because of military orders.

I took Floyd home one weekend to become a Foster Parent but my fiancé knew before I did that Floyd would never leave. I adopted Floyd a couple weeks later and know he is finally home.

Thank you, BCHS. Love, Julie and Brad and the pugs

Floyd Happy!


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