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This is the story of Grayson

Grayson as a puppy

Grayson is a black Lab mixed puppy who came into BCHS's care along with her four litter mates. She was adopted in April 2011.

Gracie GrownGracie Grown

June 2011 - an email letter received from the family who adopted Grayson:


Just wanted to update you on the status of our newest family member. First of all we are all doing well and enjoying our time together. We changed her name from Grayson to Gracie. She has adapted quite well to the change. She has done quite a bit of growing. She is now 50lbs and a good deal taller and longer since you saw her last. When we visited the vet he was quite certain that she is wolfhound along with lab. Gracie's grey hair seems to be spreading all over so I think that will really make the wolfhound show in her appearance. He predicts that the lab in her will keep her smaller. He is predicting about 75lbs. We will see. Gracie is such a joy to have in our family and a constant source of amusement with her silly & fun personality. What a wonderful decision it was to adopt her. I also wanted to share with you that our vet was quite impressed with the job you had done at BCHS. He was so pleased with how well she had been socialized. Just wanted to send a couple of pictures.


Patti Borlee.


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