Ground Broken For Cat Shelter

By Emily Lucia

Bond County Humane Society broke ground last Wednesday for its new cat shelter. The shelter will be located on land near its current dog shelter along South Elm Street.

In February, BCHS received a grant from the Petco Foundation, worth $60,000. While they had set a goal of $110,000 for the cat shelter project, the humane society has yet to reach that goal.

"We have enough funding to complete the hollow shell structure of the building, but not for the interior structure," said Dennis Hundsdorfer, a vice president of BCHS.

While they are building, the humane society will continue to look for grants and ask for donations in order to raise funds to complete the inside of the new shelter.

"We may look for volunteer help when the building is completed," said Hundsdorfer.

At this time, he is unsure when the building, inside and out, will be completed.

In the meantime, the cats will stay in their current shelter on Fourth Street until BCHS receives additional funding to finish the inside of the new shelter.

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The Greenville Advocate June 28, 2016 page 1