Happy Tails & Rescue Stories

These are YOUR happy adopted “tails” of Bond County Humane Society pet’s from YOUR letters, stories, pictures, memories and thanks.

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In July 2021, Bond County Humane Society pulled Stella—an 8 week old, high energy, intelligent Black Mouth Cur mix—from an Animal Control facility that had no more space. The litter of puppies had originally been transported to Illinois from Tennessee. Volunteers worked with the puppies at the BCHS dog shelter, getting to know their personalities and finding out just how smart they were. Stella took quickly to playing fetch with a ball and other objects. She learned “Sit” and had started on the commands “Leave It” and “Wait.” The Black Mouth Cur breed is known to be a great family dog and protective of children, so we were excited to match Stella to a young family with two boys during a Petco Adoption Event in August 2021.

Stella’s adoptive parents write:

Thank you for your help in bringing Stella into our family. She is already so very loved. We have wonderful days full of running and playing and, boy, does she sure love the water! We had to tempt her with a treat to get her to come in and rest. She was pretty content lounging on the patio after an afternoon of playing outside in the water with us. We go on our evening walks and she wants to run! She has no shortage of snuggles as we all lounge around for a movie. She’s tuckered out but seems very happy here.

“Our other dogs are taking to her from day one. I know it’ll be an adjustment period but they play really well together! Thanks again for everything. We are so excited that she is part of our family now!...

“She is growing up and doing well! Thank you for saving these pups!!”

— Kara & Michael Corby, Aug 28, 2021 & Jan 4, 2022

brown dog sits up like a person on a brown leather sofa. 2 young boys in swim trunks with small brown puppy in green color run through lawn sprinkler and plastic slippery slide.
small boy in yellow shirt sits on floor and pets sleepy brown puppy on his lap. black and white dog, dark brown dog, and small brown puppy lounge together on carpet floor.


In June 2021, Bond County Humane Society rescued 7 week old River—a gray kitten with tons of ear floof—and his siblings from Bond County Animal Control. In our cat shelter, River treated everyone as a friend and loved playing with all the other kittens, climbing, studying nature and farming out the window. His favorite sport was playing punching bag (maybe it was tetherball?) with a toy that hung from the top of his compartment. In no time at all we matched him with an international student attending a local university.

River (now Merlin)’s mom sent us this great note:

Hello! Hope you are doing well! I just wanted to update you on River. I renamed him to Merlin (the great wizard). He is extremely affectionate and loving but he does tend to get the zoomies, where he bites and scratches. But other than that he is happy and healthy!... I’ll [take your advice on this behavior and] definitely ignore his zoomies next time in case he’s doing it to get attention.

“I have attached a few pictures of him. Thank you again for letting me adopt this beautiful little boy! ALl my best.”

— Molly Smalley, August 25, 2021

blond woman in eyeglasses and yellow shirt lounges on pillow beneath sleepy fluffy gray Merlin cat
gray cat Merlin stretches out his toes towards camera!
gray cat Merlin sleeps on top of brown arm chair in front of bright window with green plant on sill


Good Samaritans found five-week old Luna at a Greenville park 10pm August 7, 2020. The family called Bond County Humane Society and agreed to foster her; nursing her weak body through sickness, ear mites, and severe eye infections. She ultimately lost her left eye but the right eye—and her vision—was saved! Luna, a mild and sweet gray tabby with a feisty side played great with the other cats and even large dogs in her foster home, and even though the family once thought they could give her up for adoption, they decided they couldn’t bear to see her go and adopted her themselves that November!

Now Luna’s family writes:

Every evening after we administered her medication, Luna would curl into our arms on the couch; always with the sweetest smile on her face and her front paws stretched high above her head. Following her eye surgery Luna’s kitten personality began to show and she loved to play and chase balls. We had a really hard time keeping her settled so she wouldn’t tear her stitches. Even with all her new found energy and silliness one thing remained the same: Luna loved to snuggle. Our children were begging to keep her; our fur babies would miss their free-spirited friend; and my husband and I would miss her precious snuggles. We would adopt Luna!

“Losing her eye did not slow Luna down in the least. She is just as capable as our other cats who do not have disabilities and her care is also similar. Since her adoption not much has changed for Luna. She spends her days curled up in the living room with her feline brother Toby or stretched out in the sunroom, engulfed in sunshine. Luna loves to watch the birds and squirrels in the yard: cat TV. Her favorite game is to scoop pieces of dog food out of the dog’s bowl and bat it around the house; this works because her canine brother Lincoln, who is some type of Hound, loves to find the pieces! But the one thing that hasn’t changed: Luna LOVES to snuggle. Every night, without fail, she finds one of us on the couch. She jumps up and finds a comfy spot in your arms or on your chest and she settles in for her nightly snuggles.”

— Sarah Hulbert, June 4, 2021

boy wears headphones, looks at mobile phone, while cuddling gray striped Luna cat
gray cat Luna and orange cat brother Toby climb their cat tree!
gray cat Luna and orange cat brother Toby share a window bed