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This is the story of Hazel

Hazel Hazel at Paws In The Park

Hazel was an 8 year old red Dachshund in October 2010. She was brought to BCHS by a man who found her in his dog's dog house. Hazel was in bad shape when she came to BCHS. She was missing most of her hair on her back and tail, she had a tumor hanging on her chest and she had really bad breath. Since she entered BCHS foster care some of her hair has returned, but the vet said it will take a long time for it all to return. The vet cleaned Hazel's teeth and found out she had to have 15 teeth removed because they were loose and debris was trapped in her gums. The tumor was removed from her chest and they found out it was just a benign tumor. In her foster home Hazel lived with another Miniature Dachshund and three cats. Everybody passed her by at adoption events and they often said "She's old," but they didn't know her. Hazel may have been a senior, but she was still playful, energetic and affectionate. Her foster mom had a 2 year old granddaughter that visited and Hazel liked to follow her around. Hazel could also be vocal when she want something like food or to go outside to potty.

Hazel's foster mom was just about to give in and adopt her herself, but then another woman met Hazel and fell in love. Hazel was finally adopted into her furever home.

BCHS received this electronic letter from Hazel's adoptive Mom in April 2013:

“Hello Bond County Humane Society,

I adopted Hazel about three years ago. She was in your care about 10 months before I found her. She is this little, older, red, short haired dachshund, missing hair on the back half of her body and on her tail. But she is the most wonderful dog ever! It had to be fate that brought us together. She follows me everywhere, even to the bathroom. She misses me when I am gone, and gets sick when I am gone overnight, which is rarely, thank goodness.

About a year ago I almost lost her. She developed a large tumor in her liver, pressing against her intestines. My vet said to just watch and see, but I knew the outlook was poor, as she was having bowel issues. I was devestated. So we went to a surgeon in St Louis who operated and removed a large liver tumor, which was cancerous. I was surprised to learn these can be very common. She healed beautifully and I thought we were out of the woods and I'll be darned if she didn't eat some plastic something on our walk and had to be operated on again, just three months later. It was really touch and go as to whether the inner sutures on the bowel would hold and her bowel function again. But she got better and is back to her old self. And we now have a fenced in back yard so we don't have to walk on the roads and tempt fate.

She is a little slower now, but so am I. We are also watching her kidneys, as they aren't working as well. This dog is the love of my life and I am forever a better person for having her in it. I just want to say thank you so much for taking care of an older dog, for seeing the potential that she could bring to a person who was lucky enough to adopt her. Thank you to her foster mom who kept her for me and her foster brother, Hershey, too. I will forever appreciate your care of her.

Sincerely, Maura

PS. I will either sent a pic by email next week when my daughter is home to upload it for me or will send one by post, as I am not able to attach one tonight. ”



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