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This is the story of Maria


Maria was a beautiful silver blue and cream striped tabby cat. In April 2011 she was about 14 months old. She had been found wandering around by the BCHS dog shelter for several weeks. BCHS volunteers thought she might belong to someone who lived nearby, but they couldn't find anyone. Maria would wait for the volunteers to come in to work because she knew she would get fed. BCHS took her in to the cat shelter and waited for someone to come and claim her, but no one ever came. She was very sweet and easy going most of the time and loved to be held by people. Even the dogs didn't bother her when they barked at her. We knew she would make someone a wonderful companion. And now she has!

BCHS received this electronic letter in April 2011:

“Just a short note to let every one know that Maria is doing wonderfully in her new home. She explored her new surroundings for a few hours before finding a favorite nap area on the couch. She is eating well and using her litter box regularly. Purchased a few toys for her that she enjoys playing with. Maria is such an affectionate, easy going kitty. She likes to 'talk' and will answer when called. She spends hours on my lap and purrs on and on. Really a joy to have her here. She likes to be in the same room as me and spends her nights sleeping in my office chair that I have in my bedroom. She also likes setting on the window sill and watching outside where I have a large tree with a small bird population. I am happy to have her here and she likes it too I think.

Thanks to everyone at the shelter for helping me adopt Maria. Thanks also for all the work you do for the animals.

Kind regards,
Kurt Isbrecht and Maria.“



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