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This is the story of Melody


Melody was one of six Lab mix puppies found in the country. Apparently they were an unwanted litter and dumped by their owners. A relative of one of the BCHS officers found them and immediately called to see if we had room for the puppies. Melody and her litter mates were with BCHS from September 2008 until they were adopted in December 2008. During that time they received training on basic manners and other learned other commands that would be useful to their adopters.

Following is a letter received from the family who adopted Melody:

Hello, Rachel.

Melody is doing well. She is fun, house training is going well and she is a quick learner. She is a gatherer - Melody has her spot in the living room and she has taken to keeping her toys and anything she "finds" with her there. She has chewed very little as of today, but we know puppies like to chew. Your staff did a super job training her. She responds very well to the leave it, sit, and wait commands.

Annie and Kate were surprised to say the least. I have attached pictures from Melody's arrival home and also a picture of her in the living room.

Thank you for the work you do to save these pups.

Best wishes and Happy Holidays to you also,

Ellen Nickrent



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