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Honor & Memorial Giving

Looking for a perfect gift? Why not dedicate a donation to homeless animals in that person’s (or pet’s) name?

BCHS is a no-kill animal shelter and an IRS approved 501(c)3 charitable organization so all donations are tax deductible in accordance with IRS guidelines.

Make a Gift in Memory or Honor

Giving a gift to honor or memorialize someone you love(d), celebrate a loved one’s birthday or graduation, or commemorate a beloved pet is another way to give to BCHS. Honorees (or families of honorees) will receive a note from BCHS noting the gift but not including the amount, so please include contact information for the honoree.

The name can be inscribed on a plaque mounted on our Office & Adoption Center’s Memory Wall. Your donation will create a lasting tribute to your loved one and help extend the lives of animals in BCHS’s care. There are five donation categories of plaques:

  • Animal Friends ($25 - $100)
  • Animal Lovers ($101 - $499)
  • Animal Sponsors ($500 - $2499)
  • Animal Angels ($2500 - $4999)
  • Animal Heroes ($5000 and up)
Plaques displayed Office and Adoption Center's Memory Wall

Buy a Brick to Help Feed & Medicate Pets in our new Cat Shelter!

Engraved brick pavers come in two sizes, and they will be placed in BCHS’s Memorial Brick Garden (completed March 2020!), a special landscaped plaza area near the public entrance of the Shelter Office, Adoption Center, and Cat/Dog Shelters. By purchasing a brick, you have the opPURRtunity to help us save the lives of more homeless cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies and find them adoptive homes.

Bricks ordered display at Shelter Open House 2018

Tributes & Memorials

The following companies and individuals have contributed $25 or more to Bond County Humane Society as a memorial or in honor of someone special.

  • January 1 through June 10, 2020

    In Memory of Pets
    Kallie, beloved dog, by Gayle & Ted Wise
    Kallie, beloved dog of Gayle & Ted Wise, by Jerry McFarland
    Surley, beloved cat of Jen & Lou Dixon, by Dave & Beth Martin

    In Memory of People
    Bud Schmollinger by family & friends

    Lois Batson by friends & family
    Shirley Clark by Randall Neumann
    Tim Duft by friends & family
    Florence C. Dyer by Randall Neumann
    George R. Gobberdiel by Randall Neumann
    Dr James R. Goggin by Randall Neumann
    David Joiner by Randall Neumann
    Rosemary Meyer by friends & family
    Alan Mueller by Randall Neumann
    Ruth Stief by friends & family
    David Stock by friends & family
    Nancy Trobaugh by Barbara Frerker

    In Celebration
    Gary Forshaw, in honor of his beloved dog Ava
    Friends & Family, in honor of Paige Mathias’ birthday

    John & Nancy Gillard (Lifetime Membership)

    Deb Dixon
    Michael Heath
    Mike & Cindy Lotz
    Barb McClure
    Jennifer Mendez
    Steven & Kae Schmitt

    Smith Family Fund — Animal Sponsors ($501 - $2499) Level

    CARES, Inc
    Janice Carr
    Funderburk’s Donation Jars
    George R Gobberdiel
    Tom & Melinda Harnetiaux
    Kelly’s Korner Stock Car Show
    Elmo Linton
    Mark & Lori File
    Sandra File
    Mona McElvain
    Randall Neumann
    Donna Summars

    Beth Beaver
    Larry & Karen Boudouris
    Kyle Bradstreet
    Facebook Fundraiser
    FNB Community Bank
    Megan Fritzsche
    Jim Hess
    Rob & Tracy Johnson
    Darla Petchulat
    Dr. Charlotte Rosenak
    Pat & Judy Schoeny
    Donna Sommars
    Rachel Terry
    Gloria Uhl

  • 2019

    In Memory of Pets
    Callye, beloved cat of Margaret Mahan, by Dave & Beth Martin
    Frank, beloved cat, by Kenny & Linda Hampton
    Itchy & Cody by Hope & Donna Walker
    Loki Raiser by Michaeleh Metz
    Lucy, beloved dog, by Dan & Joanne Johnson
    Maggie, beloved dog, by Nancy Bivens
    Romeo, beloved cat, by Julie Juarez
    Shorty, beloved dog, by Ruth & Paul Steiner

    In Memory of People
    Alan Machmer by family & friends
    Angie Ulmer by family & friends
    Dortha J Erwin Volkmar by family & friends

    Steve Cuvar by family & friends
    Melba Donaldson by family & friends
    Dale Wiesemeyer by family & friends

    Scott Bunyard by Randall Neumann
    Pat Burke by Randall Neumann
    Victoria Ernspiker by Randall Neumann
    Eugene Jolliff by Randall Neumann
    Barbara Maroon by family & friends
    Kent Merry by Randall Neumann
    Lexie Pierson by Keyesport Pokeno Club
    Gregory L. Price by Randall Neumann
    Dick Sharp by Randall Neumann
    Mary Shepard by Randall Neumann
    Betty Snider by Randall Neumann
    Joyce Thacker by Tom & Melinda Harnetiaux
    Denny Utlaut by Randall Neumann
    Dean Unterbrink by Randall Neumann
    Dale Wiesemeyer by Sara Wiesemeyer
    Art Worstell by Randall Neumann

    In Celebration
    Ian Baird, in honor of Anastasia Baird

    Randall Neumann (Lifetime Membership)
    Smith Family Fund (Lifetime Membership)

    Margaret Chase
    Deb Dixon
    Michael Heath
    Mike & Cindy Lotz
    Lonnie & Karen Kessinger
    Jennifer Mendez
    Steven & Kae Schmitt

    Anonymous — Animal Heroes ($5000 & more) level

    Smith Family Fund — Animal Angels ($2500 - $4999) level
    Kathleen Wildi — Animal Angels ($2500 - $4999) level

    Randall Newmann
    Network For Good (Facebook donations)
    Greenville Garden Club
    Rick’s Ace Hardware of Highland
    Janice Carr
    Marjorie Cuvar
    Susan DeNike
    Mark & Lori File
    Sandra File
    Donna Grebel
    Tom & Melinda Harnetiaux
    Julie Juarez
    Elmo Linton
    Connie McCasland
    Mona McElvain
    Katherine Ruocco
    Donna Summars

    FNB Community Bank
    Chance Vohlken (SIUA) March Quote For A Cause
    Jacqueline Anselment
    Donald & Carolyn Barnett
    Ruth Barnett
    Kim Brannon
    Charity Campbell
    Susan Chism
    June Blaine & John Duft
    John & Mary Jo DeMichael
    Tara Faulkner
    Rowan Finley
    Jeffrey Flamm
    Scott Funke
    George R. Gobberdiel
    Steve Goodnick
    Derrill & Cynthia Granda
    John & Nancy Hubbell
    Andrea Hull
    Jacqueline Kelsey
    Thomas & Cookie Langel
    Jerry McFarland
    Jeff Malan
    Jon Mason
    Rachel & Taylor Nickerson
    Darla Petchulat
    Pamela & Robert Safriet
    Dieadre Schaufelberger
    M.E. Schmollinger
    Irene & Marc Seale
    Merle Shaw
    Deb Somerville
    Patricia Steiner
    Heather Summers
    Terri Thomas
    Paul Timmerman
    Brad & Mary Wade
    KayAnna Warthen
    Bob Yancey
    Mike Yarbrough

  • 2018

    In Memory of Pets
    Cloudy, beloved pet, by Dave & Beth Martin
    Chipmunk, beloved cat, by Kathy & Roger Reeves
    Daisy, beloved Beagle, by Marc & Irene Seale
    Duke, beloved dog, by Don & Vickie Beaver

    In Memory of People
    Barbara Maroon by family & friends

    Karen Brewer by friends & family
    Ed Bundy by June Blaine & John Duft
    Sharon Collard by friends & family
    Steve Donaldson by friends & family
    Jean Hilbert by friends & family
    Brad Lotz by friends & family

    Barbara Maroon by David Caulk with his purchase of a Kuranda Shelter Dog Bed
    Florence Booher by family & friends (Kent & Sharon Young, Nancy Hanratty)
    Cleta Gan by Irene & Marc Seale
    Frances Fansler by family & friends (Karen & Lonnie Kessinger, R. Randall Neumann)
    Walter Landgraf by Nancy & Alan Machmer
    Denny Mueller by family & friends (Gail Harnetiaux, R. Randall Neumann)
    Jeremy Hilling by Stephen & Emily Gates

    In Celebration
    Wayne & Jenna Jensen, in honor of Anna Koen

    Julie Juarez (Dog Play Yard Lighting)

    Julie Juarez (Permanent Shelter Donation)
    Sylvie Smerick (Permanent Shelter Donation)

    Anonymous — Animal Heroes ($5000 & more) level

    Anonymous — Animal Angels ($2500 - $4999) level

    Jane Hopkins
    Kay Helmkamp
    Jeffrey Hemker
    Steven & Karen Smith
    Smith Family Fund

    3st Place Bar & Grill (fundraiser)
    BCCU#2 High School Student Council
    Girl Scout Troop 8406, Greenville
    Donna Grebel
    Paul Schorsch
    Donna Sommars
    Donald Barnett
    Barbara Dothage
    Mark & Lori File
    Andrea Hull
    Nathan & Elizabeth Lown
    Mickey Merrifield
    Karen Milby
    Jimmie & Mary Rice
    Donna Summars
    Mickey & Paula Ziegelgruber

    Germantown Trust & Savings Bank
    Network for Good (Facebook donations)
    Greg Beaumont
    Bryan & Vicki Boeckelmann
    Betty Brown
    Cindy Burton
    Janice Carr
    Evie Conant
    John & Gina Goldsmith
    Kenny & Linda Hampton
    Becky Harris
    John Harrison
    Judy Harrison
    Jane & Rick Hilliard
    Jeffery & Laura Hoffman
    T.J. Johnson
    Mary Jones
    Julie Juarez
    Leona Kersch
    Elmo Linton
    Randall Neumann
    Cyd Odneal
    Darla Petchulat
    Jodie Robinson
    Nancy Sauder
    Daniel & Tricia Stephens
    Randy & Tammy Stief
    Randolph L. Vasel
    Bradley & Mary Wade
    Hope & Donna Walker
    KayAnna Warthen
    Marilyn Wilson
    Constance Zimpfer

  • 2017

    In Memory of Pets
    Boo, beloved cat of Harriet Gibson, by Andrea Hull
    Boo, Midnight, Charlotte, Reeses & Jasper, beloved pets, by Andrea Hull
    Christine, beloved cat of Rachel & Dennis Hundsdorfer, by John Martin
    Daisy, beloved Beagle of Irene & Marc Seale, by Rebecca Clausen
    Duke, beloved dog, by Michael & Cristy Willman
    Jasper, beloved cat of Cris Hart, by Andrea Hull
    Midnight & Charlotte, beloved cats, by Andrea Hull
    Nuzzy, Jr., beloved cat, by Kathy & Roger Reeves
    Reeses, beloved dog of Cris Hart, by Andrea Hull
    Rocky, beloved dog of Judy Jovi, by Jerry Mocaby
    Sophie, beloved Boston Terrier, by James & Karen Brewer
    various pets of Randy & Linda Kuehn, by Leigh Smith & Family

    In Memory of People
    Larry Iberg by friends & family

    Kerry Harnetiaux by friends & family
    Phyllis Heckman by friends & family
    Edna McGuire by friends & family
    Patricia Neumann by friends & family
    Phyllis Nicoson by friends & family
    Janice Perkins by friends & family
    James Todd by friends & family

    Leta Griffith Collier, by Randall Neumann
    Nancy Jo Compton by Randall Neumann
    Donald DeNike by Susan A. DeNike
    Mark Harnetiaux by Randall Neumann
    Dorothy Hawley by Norma & Barb Maroon
    James R. Johnson by Randall Neumann
    Ron Lagant by Jacqueline Kelsey
    Jim McCasland by Ted & Gayle Wise
    Burnell Petry by Randall Neumann
    Mildred Prasuhn by friends & family
    Yvonne Simmonds by Norma Maroon
    Bernice A. Willeford by Randall Neumann
    Bob Wilson by Randall Neumann
    Gladys Yaeger by friends & family
    Penni Schreiber by Connie Richardson

    In Celebration
    Arlene Glaeser, in honor of Tamara Evey

    Anonymous (Permanent Shelter Donation)
    Darla Petchulat (Permanent Shelter Donation)
    Annette Berry (Permanent Shelter Donation)
    Hannah Bingham (Permanent Shelter Donation)
    Miranda Blunt (Permanent Shelter Donation)
    Heidi Callahan (Permanent Shelter Donation)
    Leanne Copeland (Permanent Shelter Donation)
    Mark & Lori File (Permanent Shelter Donation)
    Nancy Grotts (Permanent Shelter Donation)
    Jane Hopkins (Permanent Shelter Donation)
    Leona Kersch (Permanent Shelter Donation)
    Mary Joyce MacDonald (Permanent Shelter Donation)
    Sharon Meyer (Permanent Shelter Donation)
    Sylvie Smerick (Permanent Shelter Donation)

    Lonnie & Margaret Chase
    Deb Dixon
    Karen Kessinger
    Mike & Cindy Lotz
    Jennifer Mendes
    Steve Schmitt

    Carlisle-Syntec / Carlisle Construction Materials
    Kay Helmkamp
    Karen & Steve Smith

    Essendant Charitable Foundation
    NEVCO Employees
    Wanda Cooper
    Evie Conant
    Marjorie Cuvar
    Frances Fansler
    Donna Grebel
    Richard McClure
    Jerry Mocaby
    Cindy & Craig Moser

    Willie’s Place (Celebrity Bartender)
    Ruth Barnett
    Mary Bernas
    Janice Carr
    Lori Eyre
    Dan & Mignon Fetterhoff
    Janice Griffiths
    James Harris
    Donna Hill
    Ronald Lindley
    Mike Lotz
    Randall McKean
    Jennifer Manno
    Charles Nash
    Barb Paoletti
    Kevin & Lindsey Rader
    Kathy & Roger Reeves
    Irene & Marc Seale
    Randy & Tammy Stief
    Donna Summars
    Meg & Kevin Sybert
    Pam Taylor
    Bob & Linda Yancey
    Connie Zimpfer
  • 2016

    In Memory of Pets
    Ben, beloved dog, by Dave & Beth Martin AND by Nancy & Al Machmer
    Boppee, beloved Pug of Brad Heckman & Julie Juarez, by Rebecca Clausen
    Bruno, beloved dog, by Dave & Beth Martin
    Buttercup, beloved dog, by Marsha White
    Duke, beloved dog, by Michael & Cristy Willman
    Foxie, beloved dog, by the Kennedy Family
    Jake, Tess, Pepper & Beethoven, beloved dogs, by Dale & Ann Smith
    Lobo, beloved dog, by Pam Chase
    Louie, beloved dog, by Dave & Beth Martin
    Rosie, beloved pet, by Craig & Terry Barton
    Sidney, beloved dog, by Patrick & Lynne Slack
    Sophia, beloved cat, by Nancy & Al Machmer

    In Memory of People
    Debbie Covalesky by Countryside Vet Clinic
    Lila Ridings Darnell by friends & family
    Randy Rasler by Beverly Rasler

    Don Hundsdorfer by friends & family
    Donald L. DeNike by Richard H. Lloyd
    Donna Blankenship by friends and family
    Rose La Brie by Gene Baumberger
    Rose La Brie by friends & family

    William Bray by Randall Neumann
    Donald L. DeNike by Laura J. Jones
    Ada Marie Dubach by Randall Neumann
    Michael J. Duft by Randall Neumann
    Zelda Donnelly by Dennis & Rachel Hundsdorfer AND by Wayne & Kathy Hundsdorfer
    Janice Griffiths by Mary Fitzgerald
    Howard Jackson by Debbie & Mike Rossetto
    Junior Harnetiaux by friends & family
    Marie Harnetiaux Lagant by Gail Harnetiaux AND by Randall Neumann
    Ron Lagant by Jacqueline Kelsey
    Robert Jones by Gail Harnetiaux
    Ronnie Lamb by Randall Neumann
    Robert Lowe Jr. by Randall Neumann
    Lee Roy McCray by Gail Harnetiaux AND by Randall Neumann
    Barb Meyers by Karen Kessinger
    Delmar Mills by Delores & Lynn Filer
    Warren Mocaby by Jane Hopkins & Rebecca Clausen
    Gary Moore by Randall Neumann
    Delmar Mills by Delores & Lynn Filer
    Maynard Niggli by Deb & Lindell Hilling
    Charl K. Stowe by Jon D. Kline AND by Randall Neumann AND by Betty Suess
    Nina Volkmar by friends & family

    In Celebration
    Rebecca Clausen sponsored cats Trudee & Joanie

    Miranda Blunt (Permanent Shelter Donation)
    Heidi Callahan (Permanent Shelter Donation)
    Leanne Copeland (Permanent Shelter Donation)
    Bill & Sara Davidson (Permanent Shelter Donation)
    John & Nancy Gillard (Permanent Shelter Donation)
    Jeffrey & Susan Hemker (Permanent Shelter Donation)
    Wiona Jeffery (Permanent Shelter Donation)
    Irene Seale (Permanent Shelter Donation)
    Sylvie Smerick (Permanent Shelter Donation)
    Donna Sommars (Permanent Shelter Donation)

    Jeff Hemker (Lifetime Membership)

    Michael & Jamie Heath

    Randall Neumann

    Greenville Women’s Club
    Margaret Chase
    Evie Conant
    Marjorie Cuvar
    Deb Dixon
    Kim Doolin
    Virginia Flamm
    Donna Grebel
    Jeffrey & Susan Hemker
    Andrea Hull
    Julie Juarez
    Michael & Cynthia Lotz
    Richard McClure
    Jennifer Mendes
    Paul Schorsch
    Steve Schmitt
    Steven & Kae Schmitt

    Girl Scout Troop 8420
    Girl Scouts of Greenville: Cadette Troop & Junior Troop
    Jean Atkinson
    Don & Vickie Beaver
    Betty L. Brown
    Heidi Callahan
    Janice Carr
    John & Jeanette Coleman
    Charles & Lavena Compton
    Lisa Confer
    Mary Cordova
    Barb Dothage
    Frances Fansler
    Dan & Mignon Fetterhoff
    Gary Forshaw
    Kelly Garrett
    Diana Golden
    Michael & Jamie Heath
    Brian & Erica Hill
    Nancy & John Hubbell
    Sondra & Randy McKean
    Al & Nancy Machmer
    Joyce & Charles Poelker
    Sandra Scott
    Marc & Irene Seale
    Karen Shaw
    Donna Sommars
    Ron & Lisa Stephens
    Randy & Tammy Stief
    Payton Suzuki
    Ronald & Carol Wilbois
    Connie Zimpfer

  • 2015

    In Memory of Pets
    Boo, beloved cat, by Andrea Hull
    Charlotte, beloved cat, by Andrea Hull
    Dallas, beloved dog, by Karen & David Bare
    Hobbs, beloved cat, by Gabriel Gigliotti
    Killer, beloved dog, Gary Forshaw
    Paddington, beloved dog, by Dave & Beth Martin
    Patches, beloved cat of Kathy & Bill Brewer, by Rebecca Clausen
    Reeses, beloved dog of Cris Hart, by Andrea Hull
    Tawny, beloved cat, by Shelly Gigliotti

    In Memory of People
    Bob Helmkamp by Kay Helmkamp

    Barb Meyer by Kay Helmkamp

    Lila Ridings Darnell by:
      Randall Neumann;
      Ruth Wise & Paul Steiner;
      Rebecca Clausen;
      Gladys Frueh;
      Pam Masulla;
      Rick & Jane Hilliard;
      William & Pam Schatte;
      Laura Weiss;
      Bill & Tedra Johnson;
      Sam & Pat Kious;
      Dale & Ann Smith;
      Mike Willman family;
      Clarence & Sharon Zimmerman;
      Pat Cruthis;
      Alan & Lori Gaffner family;
      Darla Lohman;
      Martha Sue Grant;
      Shirley Potthast

    Shirley Albert by Randall Neumann
    Geraldine Berkich by Kavid Klarich
    Elaine Bunyard by Randall Neumann
    Tom Haar by Randall Neumann
    John J. Hill by Randall Neumann
    Olive Kaehne by Shirly Haag
    Virginia Leach by Terry & Craig Barton
    Barb Meyer by Leo & Bernice Houpt
    Jean Rasler by James & Ruth Baldwin

    In Celebration
    John & Carolyn Wojakowski, in honor of Jeff & Susan Hemker
    Anna Oestreich, in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Leihser
    Linda Johnson, in honor of Charlotte Rosenak
    Mary Martha Sunday School Class, in honor of Linda Schmollinger
    Scott & Melody Spencer, in honor of Cassidy Spencer on her high school graduation

    Debra Dixon
    Julie Juarez
    Craig & Cindy Moser

    Bond County Fair Association
    Evie Conant
    Jo & Caryl Culumber
    Scott Darnell
    Beatrice Davidson
    Dan & Mignon Fetterhoff
    Mark & Lori File
    Donna Grebel
    Elisa Griffin
    John Harrison
    Jeff & Susan Hemker
    Andrea Hull
    Julie Juarez
    Mike & Cindy Lotz
    Lonnie & Karen Kessinger
    Jennifer Mendez
    Matt & Danielle Niebrugge
    Kay Riedemann
    Steve Schmitt
    Paul Schorsch
    Donna Sommars

    Auto Pro
    Liberty 4-H Club
    United Methodist Church
    Karen & David Bare
    Barney Barnhill
    Don & Vickie Beaver Betty Brown
    Kenneth Bryant
    Pam Chase
    Dale Craig
    April Dolly
    Tanya Esther
    Frances Fansler
    John & Nancy Gillard
    George Gobberdiel
    Judy Goehring
    Diana Golden
    Cris Hart
    George & Cale Henderson
    Kathy Hulskotter
    Rob & Tracy Johnson
    Deb Keillor
    Mark Kosmatka
    Sandra Leveck
    Randy & Sandy McKean
    Kent & Carla Maples
    Barb Maroon
    Patricia March
    J. E. Miller
    Eric & Andrea Nord
    Merle Shaw
    Patrick & Lynne Slack
    Geraldine Smith
    Laurie Timmerman
    Paula Volkers
    Bradley & Mary Wade
    Kevin Wade
    Joni & David White
    Bill & Ardith Wylie
    Jan Woker
    Connie Zimpfer

  • 2014

    In Memory of Pets
    Coco, Boo, & Jasper by Andrea Hull

    Chance, beloved dog, by Joe & Caryl Culumber
    Chance, beloved dog, by Dave & Beth Martin
    Chance, beloved dog, by Thomas & Janice Hoffman
    Daisy, beloved dog, by Dennis & Rachel Hundsdorfer
    Jack, beloved pet, by Dave & Beth Martin
    Jake, beloved dog, by Mark & Lori File
    Molly, beloved dog, by Dave & Beth Martin
    Max, beloved dog, by Mary Holt
    Ruby, beloved Golden Retriever, by Steve & Melissa Hodges
    Sami, beloved cat, by Barb Dothage

    Ali, beloved cat, by Harriet Gibson
    Boo, beloved cat, by Steve & Andrea Hull
    Chico, beloved cat, by Mary Burdette
    Jasper, beloved cat, by Steve & Andrea Hull
    JR, beloved dog, by Dennis & Rachel Hundsdorfer
    Lobo, beloved dog, by Robert & Pam Chase
    Newton, beloved cat, by Kathy & Roger Reeves
    Nubbins, beloved cat, by Pam Chase
    Riley, beloved pet, by Dave & Beth Martin
    Steve, beloved dog, by Alan & Nancy Machmer

    In Memory of People
    Shirley Meyer by Family & Friends

    Dan Gable by Family & Friends
    Bob Helmkamp by Kay Helmkamp
    John Meyer by Family & Friends
    Ed Petroski by Family & Friends

    Lori Plunkett by the Walker Family
    Amil Ganoway by Family & Friends
    James Stever by Randall Neumann
    Helen Hundsdorfer by Family & Friends
    Hollie Willmann by Randall Neumann
    Alice Lauf by Mary Holt
    Mildred Atchison by Connie Richardson
    Evelyn Jensen by Alan & Nancy Machmer
    Tom Fleckenstein by Alan & Nancy Machmer

    In Celebration
    Rebecca Clausen sponsored cat Celeste
    Rebecca Clausen sponsored litter of 4 kittens Calypso, Celine, Hercules, & Hector, in memory of Gabbriella, beloved cat
    Elizabeth Nolker, in honor of Deb Morris, Dawn McDaid, & Michael Schultheis
    Joe & Caryl Culumber, in honor of Rachel & Dennis Hundsdorfer

    Al & Nancy Machmer (Permanent Shelter Donation)

    Carolyn Johnson (Lifetime Membership)
    James & Nona Nance (Lifetime Membership)

    Donald & Susan DeNike
    John & Judy Harrison
    Rob & Tracy Johnson
    Lonnie & Karen Kessinger
    Al & Nancy Machmer
    Kent & Carla Maples
    Jennifer Mendes
    Jerry Mocaby
    Dr. Charlotte & Alan Rosenak
    Steve Schmitt
    Meg Sybert

    Carolyn Johnson
    Mike & Cindy Lotz
    Jennifer Mendes
    Steve & Kae Schmitt
    Paul Schorsch

    Bond County 4-H
    Greenville 4-H
    Greenville College Entrepreneurship Class
    United Stationers
    John & Jeanette Coleman
    Evie Conant
    June Blaine & John Duft
    William & Tedra Johnson
    Arthur Kaaz
    Mary Kasmark
    Bob Lindberg
    Mary MacDonald
    Richard McClure
    Dave & Beth Martin
    Schatte Family (Eileen Schatte & friends Katie & Lexie)
    Donna Sommars
    Gerald & Alesia Volentine

    Greenville Vet Clinic
    Slatton Excavating
    Don & Vickie Beaver
    Carl & Lori Belknap
    Nancy Bivens
    Larry & Karen Boudouris
    Karen Brewer
    Betty Brown
    Christine Chico
    Chase Chrenka
    Evie Conant
    Thomas & Betty Dawdy
    David Deverick
    Barb Dothage
    Howard & July Elmore
    Frances Fansler
    Gary Forshaw
    Donna Grebel
    Jana Griffin
    Betty Hogue
    Mary Holt
    John & Nancy Hubbell
    Andrea Hull
    Debbi Keillor
    Marilyn Lane
    Dana Laska
    Laura Lehman
    Mary Ann Lieb
    Genevieve Malan
    Dave & Beth Martin
    Connie Marlow-Links
    DeAnna Meyer
    Warren Mocaby
    Craig Moser
    Alfred Murphy
    Randall Neumann
    JoAnn Noble
    Charles & Joyce Poelker
    Robert Quigley
    Patrick & Lynne Slack
    Beverly Sublette
    Jesse Thompson
    Kim Trudell
    Tina Watterson
    Marsha White Rick Wickham
    Bill & Ardith Wylie
    Connie Zimpfer

  • 2013

    In Memory of Pets
    Jesse, beloved dog, by Julie Juarez
    a beloved cat, by Anonymous

    Cookie by Julie Juarez
    Jake, beloved dog, by Mark & Lori File
    Leo, beloved dog, by Donna Sommars
    Molly, beloved dog of Dave & Beth Martin, by:
      Lewis & Jennifer Dixon
      Mr. & Mrs. Roger Hendrixson
      F W Schermes & Linda Kuntz
      Dennis & Rachel Hundsdorfer

    Cinco, beloved dog of Mary Cibulko, by Dave & Beth Martin
    Coco by Dave & Beth Martin
    Duchess, beloved dog, by Debbie Ernest
    Ernie, beloved dog, by Claudine Hickam
    Jake by Dale & Ann Smith
    Joe, beloved dog of John Pestka, by Dave & Beth Martin
    Millie by Karen & Lonnie Kessinger
    Odabee, beloved cat, by Alan & Nancy Machmer
    Rascal by Fred Schermes & Linda Kuntz
    Sam by Fred Schermes & Linda Kuntz
    Tilly Keillor, beloved dog, by Leslie Brissenden
    Tilly Keillor, beloved dog, by Debbi Keillor

    In Memory of People
    David Dixon by family & friends
    Laura Plunkett by family & friends
    Terri Voils by family & friends

    David Dixon by Panama VFW
    John Meyer by:
      Kay Helmkamp
      Lonnie & Karen Kessinger
      John & Waunita Betscher
      June Stowe
      Karen Brewer
      Leona & Kenneth Kersch
      Mary & Jay Young
      Marilyn Starr
      Rosalie Thiems
      additional Family & Friends
    Theresa Nance by friends

    Buddy from “The Six Pack Friends”
    KayAnna Warthen’s foster mom by Barbara Maroon
    Maxine Kendall by William Kendall
    Shirley May by Walter Landgraf & family
    Shirley May by Alan & Nancy Machmer
    Jenni Nancy by Ashley Massey & Friends
    Laura Plunkett by Doris Rench
    Elizabeth Shutt by John & Jeanette Coleman
    Scott Tarpley by Susan Sugg & Genevieve Malan
    Wayne Worms by BCHS friends
    Fenn Zeller by Douglas Stief & Kari Haller

    In Celebration
    Norma Jean & Emmet Carroll, in honor of Sarah’s Birthday,
    Don & Susan DeNike, in honor of their Grandchildren
    Kathy Reeves, in honor of Andrea Hull’s retirement

    Steve A. & Marjorie A. Cuvar (Permanent Shelter Donation)
    Mary Kasmark (Permanent Shelter Donation)
    Mary MacDonald (Permanent Shelter Donation)
    Al Warren (Permanent Shelter Donation)

    Joe & Caryl Culumber (Lifetime Membership)
    Ms. Debra A. Dixon (Lifetime Membership)
    Dorothy Hawley (Lifetime Membership)
    Julie Juarez (Lifetime Membership)
    Mike & Cindy Lotz (Lifetime Membership)
    Mary Kasmark (Lifetime Membership)
    James Plunkett & Amanda Zeller (Lifetime Membership)
    Ken & Carol Slatton (Lifetime Membership)
    David Voils (Lifetime Membership)
    Kit & Mark Whittington (Lifetime Membership)
    Dave & Mary Ann Willey (Lifetime Membership)

  • 2012 & earlier

    In Memory of Pets
    Daisy, beloved dog, by Fred Schermes & Linda Kuntz
    George, beloved dog, by Dave & Beth Martin
    Killer, beloved dog, by Robert Forshaw

    J.C., beloved dog, by Dave & Beth Martin
    Kitter, beloved cat, by Mary Nevinger
    MAC, beloved pet & companion, by June Blaine & John Duft
    Nevada, beloved Samoyed of Gayle & Ted Wise, by Rebecca Clausen & Jane Hopkins
    Roxie, beloved Beagle of Diane Wall, by Dave & Beth Martin

    Annie, beloved dog, by Dave & Beth Martin
    Daisy, beloved dog, by Dave & Beth Martin
    Malou, beloved dog, by Dave & Beth Martin
    Sammie, beloved dog, by R. Randall Neumann

    Abbie, beloved Jack Russell Terrier of Gail Harnetiaux
    Apu, our beloved dog
    Atch by Doris Rench
    Bear & Nikka, beloved pets of Dale & Greta Rice
    Bella, beloved dog, by Dave & Beth Martin
    Corky, our beloved dog
    Dakota, beloved parrot, by Hugh & Margaret Westbrooks
    Dakota, beloved parrot of Cindy Thomas-Griffith
    Dan, Mark & Deb Hamel’s dog, by Randall Neumann
    Dreyfus, our beloved dog
    Dusty, aka “the Dustbuster”, beloved pet of Jan & Tom Hoffman
    Gracie, beloved Boston Terrier
    Honey Pie, beloved dog, by Randy & Sara Hubbard
    Jim, beloved dog of R. Randall Neumann
    Lady by Phyllis Willis
    Lexie, our beloved dog
    Little Butchie, Lisa and Gary Palm’s dog, by Susan Bixler
    Mary Jane, beloved dog, by Dave & Beth Martin
    Mary Jane, beloved dog of Dena Westerfield
    Mia, beloved cat, by Dan & Joanne Johnson
    Michael, beloved cat, by Rebecca Clausen
    Prancer, beloved dog, by Dennis & Rachel Hundsdorfer
    Precious, beloved cat of Kay Anna Warthen
    Roy, beloved dog, by Randall Newmann
    Rusty, Beloved Cat of Dave Stein
    Sebastian, beloved cat of Lonnie and Karen Kessinger
    Sissy, beloved pet of Julia & Steve Zassoda
    Sophie & Sadie, beloved pets of Dennis & Rachel Hundsdorfer
    Spanky, 13 yr. old Cocker Spaniel and beloved pet of Karen Watson
    Wiley, beloved cat of Tammy Harnetiaux
    Willow by Tammy Harnetiaux
    Winnie Barton, beloved Dog of Craig and Terry Barton

    In Memory of People
    Doris Koonce, mother, by Lisa Koonce

    Mrs. Marian Warren by Family & Friends
    Christopher Willey by Family & Friends
    Sam Blankenship by friends and family
    Sandra Wrone by her Family & Friends

    Hugh “Bill” Faith by Friends & Family
    Lyle Mayfield by Jessie Peterson
    Don Anderson by Christy Carroll
    Don Anderson by Larry & Carolyn Locke & Family
    Don Bodimer by Rick & Connie Richardson & Janet Rozum
    Amy J. Henry Hentz, beloved Aunt, by Martin Hadley
    George C. Wilkerson, Sr. by G. L. Hammond

    Catherine Arnold by:
      Mary & Ann Mlinarich
      Richard Bargiel
      Kathy Bargiel
      Ken & Becky Lilly
      David & Deborah Bargiel
      Debra Schwenk, DMD
      Babe & Emmabelle Rodriguez
      Joann Juengel
      Ann Juengel
      Alison & Kenneth Melton
      Edith Pierce
      Fred & Shirley Kurre
      Delbert & Wanda Whaley
      Barbara Dothage
      Debra Dixon
      Richard McClure
      Rose Gritzmacher
      Stacy Herbert
      Keith & Peggy Dickey
      Mrs. Meva Hartsock
      Southern Illinois Dental School
    Rita Beckert by Larry & Joyce Kimball
    Ruby M. Crump by her Friends & Family
    Connie Druesedow by:
      Tracy Lynn Hall
      Jennifer Mesnard
    Paul Holcmann by:
      Tom & Lois Stiles
      Mark & Sheryl Speranee
      Mr. & Mrs. Carl Sutton
      Marina Brenham
      Norma McEvers
      Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Mollet
      Melvin & Frances Zobrist
      Randall Neumann
    Sylvia Keeton by Thomas Keeton
    Jennifer Nance by her Friends & Family
    Raymond “Chick” Patton by:
      Agnes Meyer
      Margaret Iberg
      Kathy Stone
      Jim & Diann King
      VFW Post 1377
      Sam & Pat Kious
      Rick & Cathy Vaughn
      Rosemary Meyer
      Verna Roberts
      VFW Post 1377 Ladies Auxiliary
      Steve & Bev Darbyshire
      Buck & Cathy Evans
      Rick & Jane Hilliard
      Bill & Tedra Johnson
      Rich & Kacei Schuster
      Clarence & Sharon Zimmerman
      Eldon & Marilyn Turley
      Harold & Mary Patton
      Michael & Porsche Might
      Evan & Carol Breitweiser
      Robert Daniken
      Ed & Renea Barnes
    Barbara Riggins by Dale & Geraldine Eceles

    Leo Ahler by family and friends
    Richard Barbee, Sr. by Karen Watson
    Bob Beckett by Gloria Beckett
    Dan Brassel
    Earl Crump, Jr
    Jeana Rose Davis by Allan, Brenda, Jeff, & Willie Davis
    Janice Faerber
    Carl Gobberdiel of Greenville, IL by Elaine Dagen
    Louise Gruner
    Lucille D’Herde
    Lynette Huffman by R.A. Bingham or C.L. Bingham
    Sadie Hundsdorfer by:
      Craig & Terry Barton
      Tom and Jan Hoffman
      Dave and Beth Martin
    Robert Iberg
    Ryan Joseph by Kevin Wade
    Doris Koonce by:
      Family of Doris Koonce
      Urton & Deborah Anderson
      Robert & Connie Bingham
      Mrs. James W. Brewer
      Cassens Transport Company
      Anne Cline
      Ralph & Elyzabeth Derby
      Robert Freeman
      Jeffrey Hales
      Eric Hirst
      Steven & Paula Kachelmeier
      Kathryn Kadous
      Maureen Mercer
      Shirley Meyer
      Gregory Olson
      Janet Olson
      Talene Remour
      James Rogers
      Don & Marlene Ryder
      Evadene Sander
      Senyo Tse
      Evelyn Walker
      Jennifer Winchel
    Gary Kottmann (Rachel Hundsdorfer’s Brother) by:
      The Horizon’s Foundation
      Dave & Beth Martin
    Gary Kottmann
    Marie Lane
    Arlene Lohman. She loved her dog Heidi
    Eileen McDonald by Alan & Nancy Machmer
    Nellie McGuire
    Eanie Myrade
    Nettie & Nig Nagel of Highland, IL by Julie Ramsey
    Eldon Neumann
    Raymond Patton by family and friends
    Randy Rasler, as a tribute to his love for animals, by Beverly Rasler & friends & family
    Paul Salsedo by Bill Schneck
    Willard Schneck of Alhambra, IL by his friends & family
    Randy Spies by:
      Jim & Brenda Bleish
      Ben & Katherine Collman
      Moe & Diane Frey
      Kari Haller
      Darren, Aimi & Alexa Hartlieb
      Kim & Fred Houchlei
      Bud Kuhl & Family
      Tim & Anna Lindley
      Jim & Nona Nance
      Leroy & Mildred Nance
      Jim & Patty Peterson
      Doris M. Rench
      Sharon Shoen & Family
      Larry & Cherri Stewart
      Doug Stief
      Kenny & Gloria Stuchwisch
      John & Delores Sussenbach
      Robbie & Lisa Walker
    Bud Stanton of Greenville, IL by his friends & family
    Delores Bass Steiner
    Margaret Taylor by Alan & Nancy Machmer
    Kristen Unterbrink by Edna McGuire

    In Celebration
    Delores Burdick sponsored cat Duchess in 2010 & 2011
    Rebecca Clausen sponsored cat Boots in 2010 & 2011
    Andrew Peper sponsored cat Al in 2010 & 2011

    Julia Juarez with her purchase of a Kuranda Shelter Dog Bed

    Randy’s Country Barn Christmas Trees made a donation to BCHS for every Christmas tree sold in Nov/Dec 2011

    Kim Kruse, in honor of Laura Plunkett
    SIUE coworkers in the Accounting & Financial Affairs Departments, in honor of Kathy Porter
    Rich & Connie Richardson & Family, in honor of C.W. & Edie Gaffner’s 50th wedding anniversary
    Family & Friends, in celebration of Norma McEvers 90th birthday
    Karen Shaw, in celebration of her granddaughter Joyln Rench’s birthday
    Friends & Family, in celebration of Lindsey and Mike Roeder’s wedding
    Stephanie & Shani Weiss, in the name of the Katie & Steve Weiss Family
    Family & Friends, in celebration of Melvin & Frances Zobrist’s 50th wedding anniversary

    Randall Neumann (Permanent Shelter Donation)
    Larry & Betty Shenkel (Permanent Shelter Donation)
    Alan & Nancy Machmer (Permanent Shelter Donation)

    Bond County Saddle Club c/o Nyla Strole (Lifetime Membership)
    Dan & Mignon Fetterhoff (Lifetime Membership)

BCHS is a no-kill animal shelter and an IRS approved 501(c)(3) charitable organization so all donations are tax deductible in accordance with IRS guidelines.

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

Author unknown...

rainbow illustration made up of colored paw prints