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This is the story of Miles

November 2005

Their tummies were empty and they were scared to death. The three kittens struggled for each breath of air inside two plastic bags tied at the top. The abuser didn't even look back as he drove past and threw the bag into the bottom of a deep ditch in the country north of Greenville. No one knows exactly how long they were there but after some time, the stench inside the bag became overwhelming. It was almost certain these little helpless two-week old kittens would die a miserable death just as the abuser intended.

The kittens were crying for help when a passerby heard them from the road. She slid down the steep ditch, opened the bag to give them some fresh air, and contacted BCHS for help. We contacted one of our volunteers who immediately went to the sight, rescued the kittens, did what she could to warm them, and began a series of treatments to try to save them. Their eyes were matted shut; they suffered from malnutrition and weakness, and could barely breathe.

With medical attention provided by Greenville Vet Clinic, and the BCHS volunteer's tender care, the kittens underwent a series of treatment to help them survive. Unfortunately only one of the kittens survived the ordeal. The other two were too weak to respond to treatment and eventually gave up. We decided to name the survivor 'Miles'. Rachel thought that the name fit his persona, I thought the name was fitting because of the miles that he was to cover. Nevertheless, Miles continued his recovery.

After he had grown old enough and gained his strength, BCHS completed the mandatory neuter, microchip, and parasite treatments, and then made him available for adoption. He was adopted into a great home and is now enjoying his new life full of love and happiness. Good luck little Miles!!!

This story was worth sharing because it is just one of many abuse and abandonment situations BCHS deals with every day. Animal abuse and abandonment violates Illinois state laws and is punishable by fines and imprisonment. Nevertheless, people continue to violate these laws at the expense of innocent animals every day.

~ Dennis

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