Our Readers Speak
February 3, 2009

Dear Editor,

The dream:

Bond County Humane Society, a piece of land, and now a dream to have a facility on it to house cats and dogs. All activities under one roof and a non-profit organization dedicated to caring for homeless animals. A public-friendly, clean facility open at convenient times for adoptions. An expanded core of volunteers to help keep things running smoothly.

This is the dream. This is doable. We have done our research and know it is needed.

We have been in existence since 2003, and our standards are high for the care of animals taken in and adopted out. Our spay/neuter program has been very successful. We go to pet adoptions with our animals with good success and at the same time make animal loving friends along the way.

We enjoy having teenagers involved with our program of work and encourage people to stop in to socialize with the animals.

Would you like to join us and help make our dream a reality? We are on our way. Our land is purchased. We have a proven track record with respect to care and treatment of our animals, and the county and city respect the work we have done.

The needs: Volunteers, money to defray expenses of our present facility, support of our efforts to raise money to build a facility.

The future: It’s up to you! We are doing our best, but we need your support.

Nancy Machmer


Bond County Humane Society



The Greenville Advocate February 10, 2009 page 4