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January 22, 2013

Dear Editor,

I would like to give a shout out to our Bond County Humane Society for its efforts to maintain and promote the humane and ethical treatment of animals in our area.

Many of you may not be aware of the many services provided through our local shelter. Though they have limited space, they receive numerous unwanted animals each year, providing for all of their needs including medical care.

Some of the animals are fostered in private homes to further accomodate the many animals that come their way. Shelter staff members and volunteers travel to PetSmart and PetCo every Saturday in an effort to help the pets find homes.

They also maintain a website to help connect pets to those who are looking. In addition to sheltering animals, they also subsidize the costs associated with spaying and neutering pets. You can pick up a voucher to use at the local vet.

They also have a program for the castration of feral cats in the county. Once a month, they transport cats to another city so they can be spayed or neutered for a very small fee. The use of this program will certainly make a major impact on the number of cats that continue to reproduce year after year.

Many people may not realize that our shelter is a top notch facility and operates solely on donations and volunteerism. I really enjoy the time I spend working at our cat shelter and I encourage each of you to consider becoming a part of the BCHS team.

Stop by and get on the schedule. They are always in need of help, whether it be keeping the facilities sanitized, animal grooming, dog walking, fostering, or making a monetary donation.

Liz Miller

Mulberry Grove, IL



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