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This is the story of Penny


Penny is a Beagle that was found along I-70 between Mulberry Grove and Greenville. She was traveling with another Beagle, Eddie. A Greenville resident who was a big animal lover stopped and picked them up in her van. She then contacted BCHS to find out if we had room to take them in. Our dog kennels were full at the time so she agreed to foster them in her home. Both Beagles tested positive for heartworm disease. After their treatment and mandatory 4 month recuperation after the treatments Penny tested negative and was made available for adoption.

Following is an update received from the family who adopted Penny:

"Hi Rachel,

I just wanted to give you an update on Penny and let you know she is adjusting to her new family wonderfully. Holly (our boxer) has taken her in like a child and they play together in the yard all the time. She has her appetite back and it turns out she loves snausages! We go for walks every evening and she loves trying to chase all the rabbits in our neighborhood. She still gets a little nervous around other people & dogs during our walks, but she has improved greatly since day one. Other than that, I think she has become very comfortable here.

She went to the vet last weekend and got a clean bill of health. She has aquired what the vet says is a wart on her upper lip. She has this bright pink bubble, what looks like a piece of bubble gum or candy, right on her lip. The vet said it's nothing to worry about and to just monitor it to make sure it doesn't bleed or bother her. I tell her (Penny) that it's her special beauty mark, it just makes her unique!

Attached are some pics of Penny in her happy home. Thanks so much for bringing Penny into our family!

Kristina Andreatta"



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