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This is the story of Peyton


In October 2009, Peyton was approximately 6 months old, a Domestic Long Haired black and white kitten. He was very sociable, playful and affectionate, and one of the volunteers' favorite cats at the shelter. Peyton was known for jumping out of his crate into the volunteers' arms. Peyton owes his very survival to another of our alumni cats. Aurora was a stray tabby cat that came to BCHS with her 6 kittens. When her kittens were weaned, Aurora became a surrogate mom for a 1 week old kitten that was brought into BCHS. That 1 week old kitten was Peyton!

Following is an email received from the family who adopted Peyton:

Hi from Peyton and the Copelands!

Hi Everyone! We wanted to let you all know how much we love Peyton and how well he is doing. We call him Mason now and he answers. Jeff and I are in love with him and he plays and gets along great with the others. He has adjusted well and lets me know when he wants something. His tail is longer than him and he still rolls up in a ball and does great summersaults. He has his own play schedule and doesn't like it when he knows we are leaving and stays by the door to keep us from going out. He is laying inside the doorway waiting when we come back. He likes to chew on my hair and he has taken to a white ribbon for his favorite toy and he drags it everywhere in the house with him and guards it from the other cats. He loves toilet paper so I have to keep it up high or he will unroll the entire roll and distribute it everywhere. He is wonderful and funny and special as you already knew and he makes us laugh and smile even if we are having a bad day. What a blessing he is!! He won't sleep on anything soft yet; he still sleeps on the floor and we've tried to get him to sleep with us and the other cats, but he won't. I just let him be himself and he is right at my feet and follows me with each step - from the time I get up all the way to bedtime. He has to know where I am at all times or he makes his little noise (which is not really a meow), and I answer him and he shakes his tail excitedly when he sees me. He likes to sleep by my feet when I'm trying to cook, so that is a bit of a challenge! Simon and Sammy run and play and wrestle him in between their naps. It's a blast around here!! He sits on the cat tree and watches the birds and squirrels on our feeders in the back yard. He actually runs there first thing in the morning and waits for me to open the blinds. Thank you for all you do for the love and care of these precious animals.

Thank you for allowing me to adopt him and have such a great little guy in our life!!!

Leanne Copeland
February 16, 2010

Here is one picture of him on the cat tree with Simon watching the birds out the window. I'll take another of just him alone and send shortly.
Thanks, Leanne

Peyton Happy!


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