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This is the story of Ralph & Shiloh

Ralph in BCHS care Shiloh in BCHS care

Ralph was one of 4 2-week old orange and white kittens who were found in a wood pile and brought to the Bond County Humane Society shelter the last week of August 2013. One of our volunteers took all 4 home as fosters. She bottle fed them and they became acquainted with the dogs in her house, especially the Bichon Frise who thought he was the kittens' mother!

Shiloh, the blonde Hound mix, was adopted in June 2013 from Bond County Humane Society, but then she was returned in October by her adopters after their work schedules changed and they didn't have enough time to give her. Shiloh was originally brought to BCHS because she was abandoned and found by the side of a road by a BCHS volunteer. She was tiny and dehydrated then but grew up strong. She liked to play fetch and knew 'Sit', 'Down', 'Stay' and 'Come'.

Ralph and Shiloh were with BCHS at a PetSmart Adopt-A-Thon event in November 2013 and many people met them and interacted with them, but no one submitted an adoption application for those two that day. But three other cats were adopted. However, early the next week BCHS received adoption applications from one family wishing to add both Ralph AND Shiloh to their household. They'd met the animals at PetSmart but needed time to be sure. We were delighted and they even qualified for the PurinaŽ Pet Adoption Program For Those 55+, meaning the adoptors would not have to pay any adoption fees!

November 2013 - an email from the family who adopted Ralph and Shiloh:

Shiloh and Ralph have settled in. They are wonderful and best of friends. Thanks for everything. Everyone is getting along very well.

David and Rhoda Crawford


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